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Since we're clementine in season 2, we'll telltale make season 2 more brutal and messed up?

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I think they will, episode 1 was kinda intense.

  • i bet and killing walkers are harder to kill this season

    • Yes, true. But in both ways.
      First because Clem is weaker than Lee, so it is kind of hard work.
      But also it was way harder for me to kill that walker tied to that tree. I felt sorry for the guy. But probably it's just me, and it was only one of them.

  • I actually think clementine is going to bite the dust in season 2. Which i guess would be extra messed up. In some ways it makes sense to kill off Clem if TTG is serious about bringing us Robert Kirkman's brand of misery porn.

    • That would just be too much for me to handle. I understand this is a dark world but that would destroy the last shards of hope and render all the efforts of Season 1 futile. I hope they continue the season 1 way of having misery but with hope.

    • Not going to happen, not unless they create a character equally loved as Lee/Clem.

      Otherwise they'll be killing the golden goose, as it were....

      Now, if they expect to finish their excursion into TWD's world with season 2... then Clem is screwed.

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      CannibalCarl BANNED

      Even though Kirkman claims all the time that no one is safe, he is not actually considering killing the main characters off. I mean Rick and Carl are still alive after all the stuff they went through and Carl even survived a headshot, so they kinda got plot armor.

  • If Clem dies i wouldn't buy a season 3 if they made one. Not because I'd mad that Clem was killed off, but this game is really about Clementine and her struggles. IMO i think this TWD series should be about Clem and when her story ends they can feel free to make another TWD story about another survivor.

  • They will make Clem's life as miserable as possible, but won't kill her.

  • Let me out it this way.

    Omid's name means Hope.

    They killed him off in the first 10 minutes of season 2.

    That answer your question?

  • One I my predications is that clementine and her group just barely get to Wellington and pass out from cold but are saved by the Wellington guards, clementine and her group are safe and the camera zooms out of Wellington, then season 3 we could play as clementine when she's 18.

    • The game cant go past the comics. Your prediction is impossible

      • Oh was Wellington in the comics? What do you mean by can't go past the comic?

        • The game is considered TWD cannon and the story in the game begins shortly before the events of the comic book. So what I think he meant was by jumping clementine 7 years to age 18, that would put her storyline into the future of the current timeline established in the comic book.

          • I didn't think of that, for some reason I think clementine is 14 but she's just 11 she's really mature for her age.

            • In the first episode if S2 the emphasis seems to make her out to have adult level reasoning and maturity. Which i guess makes sense. But even if she was 14, jumping her to 18 would probably still jump put her past the comic.

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                GOUSTTTT BANNED

                It would because the Game is in the same year as the Comics at the moment I think but i personally wouldn't mind if TT decide to skip a few years to when in to the future when Clem is old enough to lead a massive group, Besides, I don't think anything would change in the world in a few years but i could be completely wrong, Who knows.

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      CannibalCarl BANNED

      But what if Kirkman pulls his alien joke and makes it cannon? I don't think TT would risk another Lilly..

      • I dont think he was joking, lulz.... I think there is a chance we are really going to see some kind of alien be behind the whole zombie phenomenon.

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          And i think you are mad Sir for believing something so silly as aliens in TWD.

          • We didn't make that up Robert Kirkman (the creator of TWD world) mentions it as a possibility, himself.

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              GOUSTTTT BANNED

              I think he was joking...

              • Perhaps. But he has taken weird trips with some of the story lines in the past. Kirkman has mentioned he was a huge war of the world fan, and Aliens trying to exterminate the world of humans would kind of be a fitting explanation of why there are zombies in the first place. I wouldn't be surprised if aliens appeared in that way should he ever want to conclude the comic.

    • That's just silly. 18, like 7-8 years later scenario in TWD universe? Hyper timeline jumps are risky in Z-apocalypse world where is constant danger and fear, and i don't want halfass flashbacks to tell me the story. No way Wellington has that kind of safety to Clem stuck there beihg part of a boring society as an hunter or something, but hwo knows, she could die but that is mega risky, cause Clementine made TTGs most successful series yet? We'll wait and see right?

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    kosamja1 BANNED

    They should make more brutal and longer death scenes so that I can enjoy this game even more. XD

  • Id like to see choices from S1 impact the story in someway other than different dialogue options. But i have a sinking feeling that we're just going to get a Mass Effect 3 job pulled on us.

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