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You really do make great games but...

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Well since my post got closed because I posted in the wrong forum (I apologize for that), I´ve copy pastet the post.
Look, I´m a huge fan of you guys, in many ways your games are unique and always a great experience to play, you have almost created a new genre within the computergaming world, at least in my opinion. Aside from all this praise, I do feel however you should put out chapters with less time in between. I know you have heard this a thousand times before, and I know making games takes a lot of time, but the fans will always wait patiently when they know what they are waiting for will be worth it. So my point is, why not not use more time getting the entire season (5 episodes) made and then release the chapters with less time in between (not just The Wolf Among Us but also The Walking Dead) because having to wait two, three or four months between every episode just kills the entire experience I feel and that is a shame when the product is of such a high standard. Perhaps If you waited a while getting the game out, more of the later episodes would be done, and we wouldn´t have to wait so long. I have been sucked out of the great universe of The Wolf Among Us because of the waiting and actually need to play through It again just to remember what happend and that is a shame that kinda ruins the experience for me at least. Imagine having to wait 3 months on episode two of the tv series "Game Of Thrones", people wouldn´t accept that. So please TellTale, you make such exellent games but some of the magic vanishes when the wait for the next chapters are so long, please take this into consideration in the future. Kind regards Sune

  • I want to emphasize that I didn´t write this post from a criticizing point of view, more from a frustrated point of view really. Because as I said, I am a huge fan of TellTale and will continue to be, but It is just such a damn shame, that the large gap in time between new chapters, more or less completely ruins the overall experience you have as a player, and that is just a real shame when you know It could be a perfect gaming experience (we all know we are sitting on a real diamond here, a gem of a gaming exeperience!). If TellTale would just wait a little longer putting the game out, so we might have the first 3 chapters with a minimum of 2-3 weeks in between (since each chapter only takes an hour to complete the wait really shouldn´t be longer). Then by all means take a little longer to release the last two episodes, but release them back to back so the gaming experience ends feeling like a great huge climaxe. I understand the concept of episodes, ending an episode on a cliffhanger like they did in movies back in the old days, or tv-series nowadays are bloody exiting, but when you can´t remember the cliffhanger or most of the story and character arcs because of too much time in between, then this computer gaming formulae kinda fails in my a very experienced gamer I might add.

  • I'll point out here what I did in another thread. TTG is a business. The quicker they make their money, the happier they are. They can either invest those early funds into the current project, use it to leverage another one so they can keep productive, or simply invest the money to make more money via cd's and such. People tend to forget that their fans aren't a concern to them unless it starts to impact their bottom line. It's cold, but it's true. They don't care about our individual opinions and frustrations as long as they can keep us as customers(and I'm not going anywhere, unfortunately, since I love story-based games and they don't really have much competition in creating an emotional experience).

    • Companies that treat their customers as walking wallets often crumble in pursue of short term gains over long term sustainability.

  • Your thread wasn't closed because it was in the wrong section - it was closed because we already have a thread about the long wait for Episode 2 and one about Telltale's lack of communication, and we ask people to not create threads about topics that are already being discussed.

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