What Happened to You In TWAU?

Musings on different choices, and the consequences, hopefully to continue throughout the series, also to help those who have forgotten their choices/story since the wait, plus to trying to take away the anxiousness for the next episode.

Obvious spoilers.


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    For example, I did play multiple games, and realized one inconsistency: Bluebeard showed up in the preview when he was not named as a suspect. I believe he was standing behind the desk of the former Snow White, and it was a curious sight.

    In my first playthrough, I didn't know the weight of my actions, so without meaning to, I frightened TJ, and while I went to Prince Lawrence first, he almost shot himself in front of me! (Note: If you do not jump Twiddle Dee in time, Prince Lawrence can kill himself! Plus Lawrence will get the gun regardless of you finding it first or him picking it off the ground. I noticed that Lawrence gives you more time to act if you picked up the gun in the first place.) I caught Twiddle Dee instead, did not rip off Grendel's arm, stood up for Snow, gave Faith the money, told Lawrence about Faith and didn't tell Beast. Overall, I was being the nice guy, but making lots if mistakes.

    Second one was the "dick" one. I told Beast, ripped off Grendel's arm, did not give Faith any money, went to Toad's first, but shouted at Dee, and still frightened TJ, remained silent against Crane, did not suspect Bluebeard and got Dee.

    Third one was the improvement on the first, but the only choice that was really changed was not frightening TJ.

    I'm going through my fourth playthrough, where silence is the first option to take, while making choices different of both, like going to Prince Lawrence first, but letting him blow his brains out.

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