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What games have you played?

posted by TelltaleTakesForever on - last edited - Viewed by 376 users

Wondering what other games members have played since episode 1 came out (3 months ago). Since then I've played...

GTA 5- Somewhat over hyped, but very enjoyable. Online was a huge mess tho.

Frogger Returns- Don't ask why...

Sound Shapes- Unique experience with a great soundtrack. If you have a playstation, give it a try.

TWD 2- Self explanatory

AC4 Black Flag- I'm a AC fan boy so I thought it was good. Didn't expect to enjoy the pirate stuff as much as I did.

ICO- This is suppose to be a classic?, just no.

Uncharted 2- Just started it, and cant get past the first chapter without it freezing. I'm pretty pissed.

  • Love the uncharted games. The second one is the best one for sure. I feel like I'm playing one big ass movie playing those games. Is the game scratched at all? I hear toothpaste helps clean it. Never tried it though.

  • Lol.. yeah I don't blame you.. it does sound a little sketch.. it's just what I've heard. But yeah the first one was good but the second is miles better in my opinion. Also another couple of good story games are "Heavy Rain" and "Beyond Two Souls" by Quantic Dream. Great story lines for those games.

  • Guacamelee, Valdis Story, Teamfortress 2, Starbound. Endless Space, Sins of a Solar Empire, and a few others.

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