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Could this determine Luke's role?

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I discovered a thread that informed me about how Omid was a Persian name for Hope. I thought I would do a little research to see if the new cast's names had any deeper meaning. All the interpretations for their names seemed trivial or just meaningless until I came across Luke's name. Apparently, the Latin meaning of Luke is "light." It can't just be a coincidence that Luke means "light" in Latin while Luke was holding a flashlight in the episode 1 slide and in a screenshot while Clementine was being surrounded by lurkers. Now, I'm not certain on the precise symbolic meaning of light.

Nevertheless, I'll take a stab in the dark (no pun intended). I believe that the symbolic meaning that Telltale is going for is "a guiding light." A guiding light is someone who you admire very much and who has had an important influence on you. Usually, an inspiration to others and shows them how to do something successfully. One who serves as a model for others and shows the way by leading or guiding them. Now, I'm not sure if Luke would take up a leadership role in the group, but it's definitely plausible.

Like I said, light has numerous complex meanings and I'm not sure what Telltale may be going for. Light could also mean light vs darkness, light at the end of the tunnel, eternal love, etc. However, this has led me to believe that Luke will be an important character in Season 2. I will even go as far as to say he will be the deuteragonist. Though this is just my theory and disagreeing with it is perfectly respectable. Anyways, what do you believe?

  • Not to burst your bubble or anything, but isn't 'lux' latin for 'light'? Or is 'luke' an alternate word?

    • Well, Luke sounds like it got derived from lux, so I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out that the word "lux" is the name's actual origin.

    • This may be difficult for me to explain since I'm probably the least qualified person to notify you about this. Anyways, Luke is the English translation for Luca. Luca derives from "lux" which means "light" in Latin (which you obviously knew that). Luca (and Luke) means "light", having the same root as Lucy, Lucius. In fact, in the ancient times, Luca was the name given to babies born at dawn, since dawn is the first light (lux) of the day. Additionally, the prefix of Luca is luc which also means light. I hope that was intelligible enough for you to understand.

  • Maybe, People changed a lot from season 1 ep 1 to ep 2 so who knows what his personality will be like.

    Luke is the wild card in the group everyone else in the group has some sort of family there why is Luke the only one alone

  • I can give you more evidence to back up the deuteragonist theory.

    In the credits, the first voice actor credit is Melissa Hutchenson, for voicing Clementine. The second credit is for Scot Porter for voicing Luke.

    In season 1, for every single episode, Dave Fenoy got the first credit for Lee, followed by Melissa for Clementine.

    Additionally, Luke is one of the first Cabin members you meet. And you get to interact with him more than any other cabin member.

    As for symbolic meanings for light, almost all of them are positive. Except for one massive outlier.

    Lucifer is one of the names of the devil, and that's translated as "Angel of Light." This refers to who he was while he was still an angel. Besides this one doozy, light has almost always had positive connotations.

    • Lets assume that we are on to something with this "Light" thing. that last bit, defintely adds a bit of uncertainty to luke. the night is darkest before the dawn, and the dawn doesnt last forever, atleast until dusk arrives.

      Interesting to say the least, luke could no doubt be important, but im starting to think theres more to him then we may realise, we will have to wait and see.

  • light skywalker

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    CathalOHara Moderator

    I always thought it was very plausible that Luke is the deuteragonist, primarily where he's credited. I find it strange that he was credited before Omid and Christa. Lee is credited first with Clem second in every episode of Season One. In 400 Days, the characters are credited alphabetically (which is why Becca was first). And in Season Two, Clementine is first with Luke second, followed by Christa and Omid. From that point, it's alphabetical again.

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  • Dayum. Things ain't lookin' good for Nick or Pete, going by how long it takes for their names to show up.

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    FreddeN93 BANNED

    Am I the only one who almost fell off my chair from this mindblowing theory?

    This just re-fueled my hype generator for Episode Two.

  • So Omid meant "hope." What hope did he bring again? None. He just died.

    I don't think there's any symbolism intended.

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      FreddeN93 BANNED

      It shone Hope around Omid in Season One. His way of speaking to Lee brought a smile upon my face. Even in the most desperate situations Omid still had a smile on his lips and still had his humor. When I first saw Omid in the Season Two Prologue I had a warm feeling this episode won't only be about death. Well, we all saw how that went. Yes, I think symbolism was indeed intended in the prologue.

    • Exactly. They killed hope in the first 10 minutes of season 2. That's symbolism.

      • Sure, but the OP is deriving more... positive symbolism from Luke's name.

        Every name means something. Sometimes a cigar is a cigar.

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          FreddeN93 BANNED

          Literally all names in The Walking Dead appear to have a specific meaning living up to the character. For instance Lee and Clementine, Shelter and Happiness. They lived up to their names, like Omid did as well. I'm sure Luke will too.

  • It's really interesting how Luke gets Clem's previous spot in the credits. Didn't know that.

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      kosamja1 BANNED

      If lee is credited first and clementine second in season 1 and lee died, does that mean that clementine will die in season 2 since she is credited first and luke is second and that we will play as luke if there is season 3? O_o

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        FreddeN93 BANNED

        No, not at all. Telltale have pulled one main character death already, and giving us the same ending over and over again is out of question. I fear Clementine is going be alone again near the end of the season.

        Besides, Clementine is too big of a character to just kill like they did with Lee. She is the very symbol of the game series. Heck, even the teaser was her hat. The fact is that no one can replace Clementine. I could accept the end of Season One because Clementine is still alive.

  • This thread is perfectly fine and makes sense.

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