Could this determine Luke's role?

I discovered a thread that informed me about how Omid was a Persian name for Hope. I thought I would do a little research to see if the new cast's names had any deeper meaning. All the interpretations for their names seemed trivial or just meaningless until I came across Luke's name. Apparently, the Latin meaning of Luke is "light." It can't just be a coincidence that Luke means "light" in Latin while Luke was holding a flashlight in the episode 1 slide and in a screenshot while Clementine was being surrounded by lurkers. Now, I'm not certain on the precise symbolic meaning of light.

Nevertheless, I'll take a stab in the dark (no pun intended). I believe that the symbolic meaning that Telltale is going for is "a guiding light." A guiding light is someone who you admire very much and who has had an important influence on you. Usually, an inspiration to others and shows them how to do something successfully. One who serves as a model for others and shows the way by leading or guiding them. Now, I'm not sure if Luke would take up a leadership role in the group, but it's definitely plausible.

Like I said, light has numerous complex meanings and I'm not sure what Telltale may be going for. Light could also mean light vs darkness, light at the end of the tunnel, eternal love, etc. However, this has led me to believe that Luke will be an important character in Season 2. I will even go as far as to say he will be the deuteragonist. Though this is just my theory and disagreeing with it is perfectly respectable. Anyways, what do you believe?



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