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  • If Telltale doesn't have 2 new other teams for those games they're fools.


  • Thanks, I guess...

  • You should rename the company slow and smug games

  • I know you're just joking, but I think they meant to say that the that because of maybe inactivity from their side in the holidays the delay grew longer as they didn't respond to publishers maybe.

    interzoid posted: »

    Apparently they didn't expect there would be holydays.

  • Its obviously stated that there was an issue with eh development that they couldn't talk about

    (Possibly a Death, Contractual obligation, ect) and that it won't happen again

    If It does I will definately be pissed

    But are you saying that if im complacent once Ill always be complacent with it?


    Thats like saying because Im a liberal I support Obama 100%.......

    Im not even sure if Obama's Cabinet supports him 100% anymore........

    pavi132 posted: »

    So you think 3 and 1/2 months is an acceptable amount of time to wait between episodes? Is that what you are saying? Or are you sayi

  • I think it's due to one of two things:

    1) I sense they might have had to rewrite something or ensure Ep3 and onwards were on schedule.
    2) Publisher issues maybe because of nudity (on the Appstore)

    staticfl posted: »

    stuff and things


    Look telltale already confirmed on these very fourms that they woudln't even consider starting Borderlands and Game of thrones until TWAU and TWD S2 are finished

    So stop yer bitching :P

    Linkenski posted: »

    If Telltale doesn't have 2 new other teams for those games they're fools.

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    Nice that you guys are out with a release date :D, can't wait to play the second episode.

    Although i could barrely hear this announcement through the sound of all the children whining...


  • Thanks, but I wish it didn't take a massive thread on reddit just to get an update from you guys. :/ Hopefully this is the last time this game gets delayed, for whatever reason. Can't wait for Feb!

  • OzzyUKOzzyUK Moderator

    Thank you for the update, I see some people are still complaining so i guess you cant please everyone. Hopefully there is a little bit more optimism rather than the recent negativity that we have seen in here.

  • Thanks Kevin. Good to know, the update is appreciated.

  • well at least I know when I have to play episode 1 again. I think I forgot most of the story by now cause all I remember is too women got beheaded and I ripped some assholes arm off, and learned the true definition of [glass him] which did not mean what I thought it was going to mean.

  • I'm hoping the PS Vita version is released soon? I would really like to buy the season pass for that.

  • Still waiting for 'Official explanation for the delay'.

  • I was moreso talking about episode 3 of wolf since it seems mainly this delay was due to thngs partially out of Telltale's control so hopefully episode 3 of Wolf will be out in a shorter time span to make up for it. TWD is such a big thing for Telltale I doubt it will be affected much maybe two weeks tops. Due to wanting to ride out the Wolf train when Episode 2 gets released but for the most part I doubt TWD will see much of a delay it's already obvious it's their main focus anyways.

    FreddeN93 posted: »

    You mean let's hope The Walking Dead: Season Two - A House Divided has a quick release after Smoke & Mirrors?

  • someones greedy..


    zeke10 posted: »

    There any chance we may get more screenshots before release?

  • So excited for it!! But when will the next offer for it on STEAM be? I really want to play this awesome game and see where it takes myself

  • Hope walking dead ep2 is this month

  • You really want more screenshots? I actually want to be suprised by everything and not know a single things thats coming tbh.

    zeke10 posted: »

    There any chance we may get more screenshots before release?

  • yup,

    oh as for twd s2 e2 'someone' said 4-6 weeks now if we take the holidays into account that means they have until the SECOND WEEK IN FEB to release it, but i'll assume it'll be more like the second half/end of feb, with an announcement very soon after twau ep2 releases.

    To be fair, it was the update that was promised in January - not the game itself.

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    someone slap this dude please

    and then slap the downvoters..


    So now that we got that out of the way. WHEN'S WALKING DEAD EP2, GAWD TELLTALE!?

  • No one promised a january release, we were promised an update january. I've been pissed off by the dead silence we've been given, but now Kevin has stated it will be due the first week of february, I don't see a reason to come here any longer, I got what I wanted, news specific to the releasedate.

    FreddeN93 posted: »

    I don't know if I should cry or laugh. I was hoping it'd come in January like promised but... TELLTALE GAMES right there for you.

  • See? Was that really so hard just to communicate a little?

    First week of February is one helluva delay, but I don't mind delays as long as I don't feel like I've been forgotten or ignored. Please communicate with the people here more often in the future.

  • umm Witcher 2? if MS/Sony didn't have a problem with that game, they sure wouldn't care what happened with this one.

    Linkenski posted: »

    Finally, and not so finally since we have to wait so long still. I'm guessing by "struggle" we're talking censorship related stu

  • Guys even though it's nice to hear some update they still haven't said the date. They said 1st week of February, but then remember that they said that a new update would be coming in EARLY January .. it's 14th today .. hardly early January.

    I am exited as well, but at the same time I am very careful to actually take it as a final date. I guess we shall see in the FIRST (that's from 3rd to 9th NOT later) week of February. Why am I expecting another delay though.

    PS: TellTale, seriously think about your PR management, seriously! If your guy isn't capable of making a single post about the release date or something similar for 3!! months (not counting the update which told us to wait for an update) then something is very wrong and he clearly doesn't deserve his money. Hell even I could do his job better.

  • Nope, not enough. You can't break the silence, not even give an actual date, basically say nothing about what caused the delay and then walk away. If there was some catastrophe, you tell us when it happens and what you're doing about it. You say you're not going to dive into details? I need you to go into details. And, going forward, communicate what is happening.

    I'm holding off on season pass purchases (having been buying those since BTTF) depending on how these things will be handled in the future.

  • I believe when Kevin says it was a pure coincidence that the Reddit post come the same day that they planned the announcement

    interzoid posted: »

    Still, I'm kinda pissed that they get an update after a forum post that popped up just today and we had to make a 82 pages long thread instead. (just joking)

  • Good. I appreciate that this announcement was made by Kevin, I appreciate that he made it here first, and I appreciate that he confirmed that this was an unexpected delay that likely won't happen in the future. I wish he had made this announcement quite a bit earlier, but I guess he wanted to wait until he could safely confirm a rough release window.

    But here's the thing: if this isn't a trend that's expected to continue through the rest of the season, then what is? With TWD, we were given a time frame of 4-6 weeks and so if productions takes much longer than that, we would know that some problem must have arose that resulted in a delay. Right now, there is still no official release date schedule for TWAU. Without it, fans have no promise that the remaining episodes will be delivered in a timely manner. How long did this delay extend the production of the episode? Two months? One month? A week? If we likely won't have to wait such a long time for the remaining episodes of the season, how long will we have to wait?

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    ttg have a rule they don't admit what went wrong, because SOME PEOPLE MIGHT complain about it oh wait..

    for example why give information out that could either hurt future sales/revenue or their image ?

    a big studio can afford to do it a smaller studio like ttg can't.

    that is why news is so rare, they know the customers will froth at the mouth with anything they give, so best to be 200% sure before spilling, this update is proof of that,

    but i guess there is alot of over entitlement going on..

    flymoefly posted: »

    Im not playing the game again until all the episodes are available, anyway. But that was a sort of a vague non answer by the telltale staffer. I doubt the episode is released "the first week of february"

  • nah, they actually care about making TWD games

    Linkenski posted: »

    Yes, ugh! I'm starting to fear this means Walking Dead will have a 2-3 month delay too... it's way too long.

  • NDA puzzle has pretty much admitted it..

    also, problem is even if ttg released a new episode within a week of the last one people will still complain..it's not polished or it was rushed or it was to short...

    yourxd43 posted: »

    Thank you for the update. Are you allowed to tell us why it was delayed or are you under an NDA? People would not have gotten nearly

  • But they've said week 1 of february which is helluva more specific than "early january" it might be friday of the 1st week, but as long as it comes within the 7 days they have, I don't mind.

    Kronoss1 posted: »

    Guys even though it's nice to hear some update they still haven't said the date. They said 1st week of February, but then remember t

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    nailed it bro.

    downvoters calm your tits.

    edit i guess those titties are getting madder t hehe

    LeBart posted: »

    My god some of you guys are impossible to please. 4 months wait instead of 2. Big deal. Telltale has been making episodic games f

  • I'll just have to continue to read the comics till then

  • Well, that's good at least to know..

  • heard this before and i reckon you'll still buy the new games when they come out, and be back on here whinging..

    you have only yourself to blame, for not waiting to play them all.

    infocommie posted: »

    I agree! No more advance purchases for me!!! Makes absolutely no sense to play a 2-hour segment of a game, wait 4 months and then pl

  • yeah ttg usually use a third party 'seemingly unpopular site to release news to the masses'

    Sjejse posted: »

    I believe when Kevin says it was a pure coincidence that the Reddit post come the same day that they planned the announcement

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