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E2 Release Discussion:PC/Mac/PSN/XBLA/iOS/Kindle/Android out now;Vita/PS4/XOne:Nov 4 NA/Nov 7 EU

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Official release dates are here!

  • Feb 4th - PC/Mac, PlayStation 3 North America
  • Feb 5th - Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 Europe
  • Feb 7th - iOS
  • June 2nd - Kindle Fire and Amazon Fire TV
  • Oct 30th - Android
  • Nov 4th PlayStation Vita/PlayStation 4/Xbox One North America
  • Nov 7th PlayStation Vita/PlayStation 4/Xbox One Europe

Only a few days to go now!

Hey everyone!

We were planning the announcement of the ep2 release date just today, and I really wanted to respond to the reddit thread, since the info was imminent anyways. But, we also wanted to make sure that everyone here was the first to know, so here it is!

First week of Feburary!

It's been a struggle to get this episode out, for a variety of reasons, but it's finally ready to go, and you heard it here first!

Here's what I'll be posting to reddit in a few minutes...

“Hey guys,

Kevin from Telltale here! Funny that this came up today, as we were planning the announcement of Ep 2, but… no time like the present!

Ep 2 should be available the first week of February. We are working hard with all of our partners (Xbox, PlayStation, Steam, Apple) to coordinate everything, but we’re confident enough to announce that here. The episode is looking really good (as is the rest of the season!). We are very concerned about the long delay for this episode, but this is one of those occasions where several things conspired against us (not to mention the additional delays due to the holidays). I won't dive into the details, but it’s been an unusual and specific set of circumstances and we do not anticipate it happening again as we go forward with the rest of the season.

So there you have it. First week of February! “

  • I hoping to know all of the details. (just kidding)

  • Thank you Kevin for the update! Looking forward to Chapter Two!

  • Finally.THANK YOU VERY MUCH :)))

  • There any chance we may get more screenshots before release?

  • HALLELUJAH HALLELUJAH HALLELUJAH.. A little over two more weeks... ugh... I'll def take it tho. The silence is over people!!!!!

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    FreddeN93 BANNED

    I don't know if I should cry or laugh. I was hoping it'd come in January like promised but... TELLTALE GAMES right there for you.

    I guess we can't be angry at them anymore, but I hope this delay won't affect The Walking Dead. They are far over their timeframe with The Walking Dead in the end of the first week of February.

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      Blind Sniper Moderator

      To be fair, it was the update that was promised in January - not the game itself.

      • yup,

        oh as for twd s2 e2 'someone' said 4-6 weeks now if we take the holidays into account that means they have until the SECOND WEEK IN FEB to release it, but i'll assume it'll be more like the second half/end of feb, with an announcement very soon after twau ep2 releases.

      • While I genuinely appreciate the often thankless efforts of the volunteer moderators, I'm not sure it's clear that this is an accusation of broken promises, so much as a general expression of frustration with the delay. It's not surprising that people remain upset about the lack of episode 2, even if some news from TT arrives.

        I get that you're trying to do what you can, and that from your perspective, this can be difficult to see, but there's a line that you're kind of crossing, here. I don't think you're doing it on purpose, but it feels like you're changing the subject by shifting unhappiness with the lack of episode 2 onto unhappiness with the update from Kevin. It sets off the "I'm being tricked" alarms and feels bad.

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          Blind Sniper Moderator

          Don't worry, I think I get where you are coming from and you make a valid point. I wasn't deliberately changing the topic and I too had assumed "an update" meant the episode itself would still follow in January. I was just trying to be objective and point out a technicality is all. More info would've been nice but I'm sure they had a justifiable reason at the lack of communication, be it legal issues or otherwise with the odd phrasing of the issue. Nevertheless, I hope to see some more communication as well from Telltale moving on.

          No worries, and sorry if I phrased that as if I was trying to weasel out of acknowledging the elephant in the room.

          • In my world, there is simply no excuses for what has happened. Of course - everyone can be delayed, we all know that from our work. But when we realise we are going to be delayed, we contact our boss/customers/whatever, explain the situation, and give them a new estimat. Many of us even keep them up-to-date as the progress continues.

            None of that has happened here. We didn't get any information about a plausible releasedate before this(!), and when people asked about what was going on, they simply were met with silence.

            As a paying customer, I demand things to get better. I know you can't give us a deadline the moment the prior episode gets released - but when you know the game is going to get delayed with weeks?? Come on - that is just pissing on the very same people, who give you butter on the bread (and even the bread itself).

            Really - none of us people are angry about the delays. Shit happens. What we are angry about, are the missing informations, up-to-dates, etc. We don't need any technical details (although it would be nice, admitted), a simple: "Dear TWAU-subscribers. Due to some serious technical problems we will be delayed with episode 2. At the very moment we don't know for how long. But we promise you, that we are doing everything we can to get finished as soon as possible, with an episode as good as possible!

            Yours sincerely,
            Telltale Games."

            See - was that so hard? No spoilers, no technical details, no "law-infringing" information - just pure info to the customers. That was all we wanted - and we didn't get that.

            That! is why many of us are a bit pissed off.

            Still...looking forward to episode 2 - just don't let it happen again damnit?!

    • No one promised a january release, we were promised an update january. I've been pissed off by the dead silence we've been given, but now Kevin has stated it will be due the first week of february, I don't see a reason to come here any longer, I got what I wanted, news specific to the releasedate.

    • umm i don't remember them promising anything for January but a a release date, which is what you just got...

    • yorur facts.. they never said jan ever!!!

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    AdmiralSweet BANNED

    So now that we got that out of the way.

  • Thank you for the update Kevin, much appreciated.

  • "Community will remember this."

  • Dont forget if Telltale says first week of February that means around march in our world.

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