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E2 Release Discussion:PC/Mac/PSN/XBLA/iOS/Kindle/Android out now;Vita/PS4/XOne:Nov 4 NA/Nov 7 EU

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Official release dates are here!

  • Feb 4th - PC/Mac, PlayStation 3 North America
  • Feb 5th - Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 Europe
  • Feb 7th - iOS
  • June 2nd - Kindle Fire and Amazon Fire TV
  • Oct 30th - Android
  • Nov 4th PlayStation Vita/PlayStation 4/Xbox One North America
  • Nov 7th PlayStation Vita/PlayStation 4/Xbox One Europe

Only a few days to go now!

Hey everyone!

We were planning the announcement of the ep2 release date just today, and I really wanted to respond to the reddit thread, since the info was imminent anyways. But, we also wanted to make sure that everyone here was the first to know, so here it is!

First week of Feburary!

It's been a struggle to get this episode out, for a variety of reasons, but it's finally ready to go, and you heard it here first!

Here's what I'll be posting to reddit in a few minutes...

“Hey guys,

Kevin from Telltale here! Funny that this came up today, as we were planning the announcement of Ep 2, but… no time like the present!

Ep 2 should be available the first week of February. We are working hard with all of our partners (Xbox, PlayStation, Steam, Apple) to coordinate everything, but we’re confident enough to announce that here. The episode is looking really good (as is the rest of the season!). We are very concerned about the long delay for this episode, but this is one of those occasions where several things conspired against us (not to mention the additional delays due to the holidays). I won't dive into the details, but it’s been an unusual and specific set of circumstances and we do not anticipate it happening again as we go forward with the rest of the season.

So there you have it. First week of February! “

  • Thank you for the update. Are you allowed to tell us why it was delayed or are you under an NDA? People would not have gotten nearly this upset if you had just communicated with us, even if its just telling us that you legally aren't allowed to talk about the problem. Then we at least know why you've been silent.

  • As disappointing as it is, I really appreciate the update. As Fredde said, hopefully this won't affect TWD, but my gut tells me it will. Looking forward to finally play the damn episode.

    But no seriously thank you for setting my mind at ease.

  • Thanks for the update, waiting another 3 weeks, comes within days of the 4 month. You cite things conspiring against the company, It would have been nice to share what you or someone else could in order to avoid the irritation, frustration etc... that folks were going through. The bulk of people are pretty understanding when things are explained to them, some you can't please no matter what you do. This delay has caused the enjoyment, anticipation, excitement to just drain away after 2 months. What were we left to talk about? Your games are enjoyable to play, and are of high quality, from my point of view. I really feel that someone in your company who makes decisions, needs to look at this situation, and have frequent feedback with the customers so that this issue if it does happen again it can be minimized.

  • Good to hear something...

  • I wonder what it is they're working on that takes 3 weeks. I hope this date is more realistic for them and not just a date they threw out there. Skeptical, but at least they are talking.

  • They should ******* hope. that this episode is satisfying in relation to the wait....

    We are very concerned about the long delay for this episode, but this is one of those occasions where several things conspired against us (not to mention the additional delays due to the holidays).

    In any other buisness, they would have lost their jobs already with an excuse like this. They should really overthink their work philosophy (maybe import some Germans, who can teach them the right ways). It needs to be done without any loss in quality in the given time...even if your fingers bleed and your right eye goes blind (well...not that extreme).

  • While it's nice to not be confronted with silence for once, I still don't fully trust your words. You have lost any credibility after giving us those vague promises and the idiotic silent treatment. "Ep 2 should be available the first week of February."

    Oh, it better be.

  • Wait a second. This is real?

  • Thanks for the info, at least now I know how long I will have to wait! :)

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