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  • I took him as saying we all "cry like little babies" because we complain about a delayed game that we paid for. so I complained about something.

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    it is common practise for ttg to be on offer a few months after release (not because of a delay).

    i don't think ttg actually have a say in these sales it is the formats choice to do so, in a bid to boost sales of the game if say the initial interest has died down..

    fact is if you want games on day 1 you pay for the 'exclusive access so to speak' months go buy and would you believe it people don't buy as much it's like magic !

    So to make it appeal to others who may not of thought it was worth it before at full price, these sales give them another option.

  • I'm having the shakes right now.

  • easy one:

    New members to the forums or just the generally lazy ignorant people, won't bother to read through all those comments to get an answer to the release date question, a certain member and i got in to a little heated debate about it, true story !

    So this new 'sticky thread' in an attempt to make the news clear to see..

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    Alt text

  • I was just glancing over the post on Reddit, and could not believe the amount of people who just brushed off the announcement, and kept bitching as though nothing was said today from TT. Very few people said "Thank you" to Kevin. *You got the info you wanted from TT people! *But, no. Let's dissect the announcement to death... smh

    Those guys would make lousy Half-Life fans. I've been patiently waiting for HL3 for years, and I don't have any animosity towards Valve. At all.

    TWAU chapter two was delayed for a reason that THEY ARE NOT GOING TO TELL YOU, and – zoom! – that goes right over their heads because it didn't include "I'm sorry".

    Look, if you paid for a season pass for TWAU – like I did – I don't blame you for being angry and frustrated. But to still complain after you get good news ( or worse, immediately start complaining about Walking Dead's second chapter ), is just ridiculous.

  • so you're new around here ?

    things go wrong / shit happens.

    even the big studio's have trouble but with their huge staff and big budgets they can litterally beat the problem into submission or they just disguise it as some 'new feature' and then send it out to print..

  • I'm still looking for the part that says:

    "Sorry for keeping you in the dark for such a long time".

  • Yeah, calling them idiots and pathetic is much better....

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    Brabble! Yes brabble! Couldn't remember the damn word in English. That's the problem with people today they brabble about small things in their lives instead of having fun and joking about it, making their life easier. But when it comes to big shit like numerous issues of modern world: social, economical, ecological in nature no one is ready to complain they all just... let it go... pass by.. until it's too late.. And of course some very serious things in life as well. Ah, trying to make people understand these things... But, I... Nah you can't change people it is the nature of things. Just... Value what you have and don't complain about it, you never know when you are going to lose it

    Edit: Ah yes "cry like little babies"". Believe me I can use much harsher words, but I like keeping it civilised when I am on the Internet..

  • I am just happy that it is not canceled, I was worried that it might.

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    pretty much the same on here as well, slappaccino :P

  • I won't dive into the details...

    Don't hold back because of us! Some insight into the industry is always appreciated. Noone's expecting the same interaction as in some Kickstarter projects, but some "behind the screens" would be really cool.

  • Seriously? I thank Kevin for the information, and it gets downvoted?
    This forum has become seriously screwed up.....

  • People are just voicing their opinions, whether wrong or right. To tell someone they are cry babies and how we should be focused on these other issues (in a telltale forum?) is "bad form".

  • they never cancel a game if it's been released in any form.

    but they may cancel a game before they have a released an episode if it's not working out. kings quest i think was one.

  • Well this discussion was just a trigger for me to say it. I just had to do it that's all. I am sick of hearing people constantly complaining.

  • Thanks for the update. Love the game so far, so I can't wait! Stuff happens to everyone, just please try to update us sooner next time.

  • Well, I'm glad someone at Telltale other than Puzzle realized "Hey, wait! We have fans and customers, don't we? I wonder how they're doing?" and decided to say, you know. Something.

    So, four months between episodes 1 and 2. Completely and utterly ridiculous, but not the end of the world if it never ever happens again. Hopefully if the problem is a fixable one, they've learned how to avoid such problems in the future. If it's more of an unavoidable tragedy, like a death or something, I'm not sure why they can't simply say that. A "we're sorry" would have also been nice, though I suppose at this point, the mere fact that they're saying anything at all is nothing short of a miracle.

    In spite of my bitterness, at the end of the day this is good news...Assuming "the first week of February" means "the first week of February". I'm only partially confident that the episode will actually be released that early, but I hope Telltale proves my doubt wrong.

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  • I understand your frustration, but you guys, cut them some slack. They've been under immense pressure, trying to deliver a good game for us. And imagine reading all the negative comments over the last 4 months, seeing how unhappy people have been...I'm sure Telltale get it and have been doing their best to sort it all out. They're only human and things do happen...I think we should let the team get on with sorting out whatever needs sorting instead of writing out lengthy apologies on here.

  • some people have a faulty sarcasm detector i reckon, i totally 100% believe you ! (honest)

    beeep beeep !!

    sorry that was my phone going off ;)

  • Welcome to internet message boards, which is filled with sad sacks who see a 1/2 full glass as 3/4 empty.

  • Big fan Telltale! Have bought all your games as they've come out since I think Abe Lincoln Must Die! I feel like we've been through this before, but I don't think I mind anymore. As long as you guys keep delivering the quality I don't think I'll mind the wait. Can't wait for Episode 2 of TWD and TWAU, also can't wait to see what you guys do with Game of Thrones! Thanks for all the hard work!

  • Somebody seriously flagged my comment about customer service and professionalism as "trolling", and the mods removed it (but comparisons to murder and rape are okay).

    I guess as long as you agree with the mods, whatever you say is fine (and if you disagree, valid points are "trolling").

  • which platform do you play on ?

    i have both steam and xbox360 and steam is pretty stable with my rig, but the xbox has framerate issues and stuttering and slow load times,

    i find with any digital download a cleanish hard drive with almost no fragmentation does reduce the amount of bugs.

  • It was removed because you were calling other users fanboys who suffer Stockholm Syndrome. You were derailing the thread. Otherwise your comment was fine.

  • strawberry or chocolate

    maybe vanilla ?


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    Can I have mint chocolate?

  • "We are very concerned about the long delay for this episode, but this is one of those occasions where several things conspired against us (not to mention the additional delays due to the holidays). "

    Oh...so Telltale's long silence was due to a "conspiracy of several things"...

    Gimme a break.

    Even better...Telltale is not considering holidays when making anouncements...very professional.

    To top all of that, there is not the slightest apology in that update when it should be in the first sentence.

    Sorry Kevin, I'm sure your whole team faced lots of pressure and as worked very hard but that dosen't excuse the lack of respect Telltale had for it's loyal customers.

  • I play on mac and it's pretty stable now but season 1 had some problems for me with booting up and choices transferring, still have some weird square shadows though.

  • Money is all they want they don't care.......not anymore.....

  • two games..
    twd and twau.

    and ttg have must have a skin so thick and hard it must rival adamantium by now, cos imho, it's always the same on the forums
    we the good the bad and the down right ugly comments..

  • sure !

    would you like choc chip sprinkles ?

  • yeah it's those stupid ppi scamish texts..

  • People act like they've been offended on a deep personal level. Like TTG somehow directly insulted every single customer. What's this apology thing you're all begging for?? It's a business. They provide content for you to purchase and fuck-ups happen. Im not saying they shouldn't apologize, infact that would be good form. But for the love of god, don't be upset because you didn't get an apology. Be upset because you had to wait 4 fucking months for a 2 hour long piece of content. And more importantly, be happy that you actually DID get some information.

    Downvote me to hell but I swear to god some people on this forum have waaayyy too much time on their hands.

  • ah can't help you there matey, not a mac wiz :P

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