• If Lee would not get bite, and if he could get out of the city with Clementine, I am almost sure that he'd could survive very long time.

  • If Clem never decided to run off. If Kenny never decided to try to save Ben. If Ben never fell. If Lily never drove off in the van. If Ben didn't decide to cut a deal with bandits. If the St. Johns brothers didn't decide to eat humans. If Ben died with his coach. If Lee decided not to kill his ex. . .

    • ...If his wife didn't sleep with the senator. If Lee didn't get sick on the way to work. If the zombie apocalypse didn't happened. If Lee decided to be the first man to ride an unicorn on the moon...

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    If Lee was alive he would be kicking ass & chewing bubble gum but he's all out of gum.

  • Lee's "fate" was to die because that's what the writers had planned for the very beginning (his final step towards redemption). But, if you don't take that into account (and asume the Walking Dead world is "real" and has no writers), then it's very likely that Lee would be alive and tailing, with Clem (and his left arm).

  • Obviously the writers intended for Lee to die at the conclusion of episode 5 of season 1.
    And I think it was a good choice, as far as dramatics go.
    On the other hand, I found it to be kind of a shame, as with Lee and Clementine both alive at the end, the player would be left wondering what new obstacles the duo would face in season 2.

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