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What was your favorite episode from season 1?

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All the episodes were good but I like episode 2:starved for help the most, it had a crazy opening, ha to give 4 food items to 10 people and than those fucking St. John brothers, I had no idea that they were gonna be cannibals! I knew something was strange about them but I never thought of cannibalism, and than you had the choice to try and save larry or help kill him, and then you beat the crap out of Andy which was very satisfying, in general the whole episode I thought was good and is my favorite of the 5 episodes.

  • my favorite episodes are episode 3 and 4. episode 3 because you find the medicine outside of the motor inn and if you choose to save Doug you see Doug finally shoot someone and you shoot a lot of zombies trying to save other lives and then find out later on you meet new people and also find out Ben's the person who has been supplying the bandits with medicine and fighting Kenny on the train. and episode 4 because when Lee finds the mystery bell ringer he beats the person up turning out to be a girl named Molly and when you save Ben from the bell tower. those episodes and moments were my favorite.

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  • Episodes 2 and 4 were the best for me. Great story telling in 2. Episode 4 was awesome in terms of intense and excitement. I liked the idea of the group invading Crawford to find it devastated, the mission to get fuel, medicine and a battery, the whole escape at the end and the sad, emotional hitting part of Lee getting bitten.

    Episode 5's ending was brilliant as well but heartbreaking

  • First post in this community...however,my favorite episode is Long Road Ahead. A lot of interactions and interesting choices. Both episode 4 and 5 are great too.

  • Every episode except the first one. Each one had a different theme/feel that made it special to me. There was always something new.

  • My favourite episodes are 3 and 4, action and conversation balance was good, we saw new faces and new places, a lot of shocking moments etc.

  • Episode 2 had a awesome storyline.
    It didn't feel like a filler episode, like episode 3 imo did.
    Also, the final standoff with the St. John's was very intense. It didn't feel like the 'siege' in episode 5 or the 'shootout' in savannah in episode 4, and in the end, it got truly epic imo. Also... that moment when you thought Kenny was a goner :o

  • Pretty hard to choose, Id say episode 4, action was great, good balance between sad things and more brighter stuff like Mollys character. Loved the Crowford part of ep4. Also really enjoyed the first episode actually.

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    Episode 5, nuff said

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