• yeah but she still said it a and we will definitely will see that carver guy at the door or els WTF TTG ??

  • You make a good point here.
    I also thought this after I saw the preview for S2E2.
    I'm just saying it will probably ALL turn out differently with the 'I thought you were dead' quote and in the end, trolltale just gives us another 'Nick'.

  • Mh,I don't know. S1E2 was very different in the beta,so even the trailer was actually different,but I think that this time TellTale is well prepared. At leat,I hope so.
    P.S Sorry for eventual bad grammar,I'm italian

  • I don't know why they would have left out such an important part of the preview in the actual episode. Granted, the trailers don't show what may actually be in the final product, but that's because they altered it to make it better, not because they were trying to fool us. Instead of Doug/Carly giving us food, we had the option to give food to them. They changed the things that could have been done better with feedback from the next episode. That, or they figured out a better story telling mechanic and implemented that rather than the scenes you saw n the preview. I see no reason why they would have to completely alter that "I thought you were dead" scene. That would literally be shooting themselves in the foot, growing all that hype then killing it. That wouldn't be smart of Telltale, and I don't see any way of improving the actual story by taking it out.

    • I think we will see Clem say "I thought you were dead" but I bet it will be said in a completely different way or it will be a different scene or something like that

    • It could be they were trying to build up hype by making her sound scared, but then in the final version, she'll sound happy to see Kenny.

  • You're missing something here. All the scenes you mentioned in the season 1 previews seemed like throw away scenes and just filler. The "I thought you were dead" scene seems to have a BIG significance to the story. Also it was at the very end of the trailer so TT obviously wanted it to have some dramatic impact. Most of the scenes you pointed out were half a second long. I think everyone can agree that its going to mean something.

  • The previews are never to far from the point of the story and the season 2 trailet 2as accurate.
    And in teaser for episode 2 It seems like Ben's voice actor was Nick Herman.

  • Well there not gonna show you what actually happens in the trailers. Movie trailers try and tell you what the movie is about but holds back important details and hides the twists in the movie. These trailers are ment to show you minor details in the story and potentially throw you off

  • They wouldn't mislead us with such a huge cliffhanger.


  • Even though the "Next Time" segments aren't 100% correct doesn't mean that they should be disregarded completely. They get enough right to give us a general idea of what's going to happen at certain points, so they're reliable enough to make a decent guess.

  • You are a legend, Dan.

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