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The real reason for the delay...

posted by MarkDarin Telltale Staff on - last edited - Viewed by 1.9K users
We at Telltale know that you guys are very excited and eager for SBCG4AP to release, and so are we, but your anger with Nintendo and Telltale is misplaced. In fact, the sole reason for the delay lies in the hands of our partners at Videlectrix.

First they delayed the game because they found that some of our coders were not using green text. Apparently they expect all computer code to use green text and mistook our code for a Word document (Which they weren't able to open).

After that debacle, they demanded that we give them an accurate pixel count before we could release the game. We didn't know what that meant! Videlectrix told us that they wanted to put the number of pixels being used on the box as a marketing device (Ex. Now featuring 100 pixels!). When we informed them that this was a downloadable game and there was no box, well they really let the chickens crow!

In an effort to get things back on track we, have sent them an old NES cartridge and let them know that if they blow on it enough, it will play the demo of the game on their "Fun Machine" That seems to have made them happy.

So hang in there guys. We are working hard to get this game past the Videlectrix approval board and into your hands (Or hard drives... or whatever!). And remember, if you need to blame somebody, blame Videlectrix!
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  • Aye... Thankee much for releasing this information.

    I am now shunning until I get the game.
  • If those guys are members here, they will explode with this update. It will break their hearts to know that the cartridge is a fake. Oh, and the whole "delay is your fault" might trigger something as well.

    Edit: What I am about to say might be sad. I just went to and they have a link to Telltale's website on the main page. They asked us not to forget them, that they actually helped, but they got the name wrong...
  • Well, don't worry. Videlectrix can be cranky and difficult to please, but I know it's because they simply have a passion for good graphics. Once they're happy with the game, I know it'll be perfect!
  • You're kinda brave, making this topic.
  • I tried to make another account, "Videlectrix", but I couldn't, because the mandatory eye exam has gone crazy or, pretend my account name is Videlectrix for this post, okay?
    We are new to these so called "forums", but WHAT?!?!The cartridge is fake?No wonder our leaf blower didn't work!And why does this "website" not have green text?What kind of new-fangled crap is this?!And how are people gonna buy the game with no box, or pixel count?!?!?No one wants pixel-less ether for a game!"Internet"?We looked all through the net catalogue, and all we found were hair, butterfly and fishing nets!Refusing our help is a horrible mistake on your part!
  • Will your game have vectors? Surely this also came up from Videlectrix.
  • *sigh* now telltale is making a joke out of it... how cute

    I could ramble for hours, But i cannot even begin to convey just how much of a mistake was made in starting this thread....

    but i will lower myself to say, Someone ****ed up big time
  • Don't be so uptight, it's funny :D
  • This is a question I was asking about a week ago, and when I saw this thread I was really looking forward to getting some straight answers. Apparently, I was hoping for too much. It was a mistake to make this thread.

    As Captain Hook would say "Bad Form!" :(
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