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I think I finally understand why season 2 doesn't sit with me...

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Ever since season 2 was announced to be starring clementine there's been something that's felt off to me. I couldn't put my finger on it but I think I know why now. See to me, season 1's ending worked so well against all the misery and heartache that came before because it has one vital thing. It had hope. Hope that maybe things would work out ok for that one little girl. Hope that somehow in some way one young girl would find a way to survive and truly live in the face of death and insanity. By having clementine in season 2 at all, let alone a lead role of all things destroys that one silver lining. There is no hope. That's what season 2 intones with every horrible thing that will fall on poor clementine. Lee died to give her more hell. The walking dead is an inherently depressing series. A series that tells us that in the face of death and overwhelming odds humanity will collapse and fall apart and consume itself out of greed and paranoia. That one note gets tiresome and the game stood out for me because even though it was true to that theme it still gave us one silver lining. I'd have much preferred a new cast like in the 400 days and leave clementine's fate a mystery, if only to maintain that one sliver of hope.

  • So basically, S2 E1 was so well done that you disliked it???

  • Hope don't exist in TWD

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    Blind Sniper Moderator

    To me, I think it was playing from the perspective of an outsider for the duration of Episode 1 which polarized people. I thought outside of the dog scene and the ending, there weren't a lot of challenging moral issues that had focused in particular on your relationship with survivors like in Season 1 Episode 1. That wasn't to say it wasn't good - I thought the episode was great - but most of the episode was spent as an outsider getting people to trust you rather than forming relationships with them and solving moral dilemmas. Season 1 Episode 1 also had more variety in choices and locations, while in Season 2 Episode 1, you had to mainly spend time getting people to trust you at the cabin.

    Again, I still liked the episode, but the main focus of aqquring trust for the episode instead of a smaller focus on several choices/issues probably threw some people off. I also think Telltale can easily take the theme of trust in some cool places now that we know the group better at the end of Episode 1. That is my two cents anyways.

    • The dog scene wasn't a difficult one IMO. I mean, anyone who left the dog is a heartless bastard :P

    • I think you're right. That's the major difference I noticed about these two episodes.

    • Good way of putting it. The conflict of trying to survive by yourself was an establishing moment for Clementine's character, but it didn't grant as much time for the slow build-up to decisions involving the new group members.

      Now that the new group is set up, I'd like to see the next episode have some downtime with them before tension picks up again.

  • No I have to know what happen to clem. But I get where you are coming from. All season one you were doing whatever it took to protect clem but in season two you're protecting....yourself basically

  • Clementine is still alive. I would say that makes it still hopeful.

  • Hope that somehow in some way one young girl would find a way to survive and truly live in the face of death and insanity.

    Isn't this precisely what she's doing in Season 2?

  • I'm looking forward to a happy ending. We can't have Lee dying for nothing. But to get to that ending, things are going to have to get a lot more bleak. A happy ending is pointless if we don't feel like we've earned it, and also, the threat of Clementines unhappiness is a powerful tool that you can expect them to use to full effect. I hope you keep your anti-depressants handy.

    • This. The story can and should be bleak but there really needs to be some kind of happy ending for Clementine or all the efforts of Season 1 will have been completely futile.

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        Antero BANNED

        Yup. I don't know why people always assume that ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE INCLUDING ALL PLAYABLE CHARACTERS will die at some point in TWD just because Kirkman has killed off a couple of lovable characters. For all we know Kirkman could have a good ending in mind, after all didn't he already say that Carl will be the one that survives the entire thing? Why can't the same be for Clementine?.

        • I do prefer it when they treat everything as "the world is coming too an end," rather than "the world has changed." I like the fact that every group falls apart eventually. Death always wins. But happy endings are nice too.

          • It's more of a changed world than an ending world isn't it? The walkers won't last forever. Sure the threat will always be there with new people dying but things should start to stabilize after a few years when the main body of walkers has withered away.

            • Given that anyone who dies, from a bite or otherwise, becomes a walker no matter what... let's just say that things are going downhill fast. They need to find a cure or something because waiting for the walkers to die out won't work so long as there are humans around. The walkers are like a virus; it only takes one death to bring down a group. Just one person fading away in their sleep or someone falling and hitting their heads. All the precautions in the world won't save us from simple human error.

              • Nah, with time people learn to handle it. And the walkers should decrease massively in number once the initial ones decay. Aren't enough humans around to keep up their numbers.

                • By that time there won't be enough humans around to keep up our numbers either.

                  • Human population will no doubt remain low due to occasional outbreaks as a result of failure to dispose of dead properly but overall it should be manageable eventually.

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                    Antero BANNED

                    If the infection wiped out 99% of the population there would still be 70 million humans around. That's still quite a lot.

                    • How long is the average zombie lifespan? I don't think it has been established yet.
                      Mankind can't keep using scavenged items from before the outbreak forever; eventually we'll be knocked back to the stone age. And not only that, but we'll stay there. As soon as the population rises up the zombie hordes will return and we'll be right back where we started. The world as we know it is gone forever. Our best hope is some kind of mass extinction event and the hope that evolution gives someone else a shot, sans zombie apocalypse.
                      The humans are screwed.

  • I wouldn't say TTG took away the sense of hope a player gets from the ending of Season 1. Rather, by letting us play as Clementine instead of having her story left a mystery or revealed in the stories of unrelated characters, it's more like TTG is giving us the opportunity to make our own hope for Clementine.

    Every QTE you succeed in, every time you make a call that makes life easier for Clementine, you're carrying on Lee's will to keep her safe in the best possible way; direct intervention. We are Clem, and if anyone is going to bring about a happy ending for her it has to be us.

    I find it kind of awesome, personally; it's the kind of experience that can only exist in a video game. What better way is there to be invested in a beloved character's future than by being handed the reigns?

    Of course, you could make an argument for hope being lost if she's scripted to die, but there's no way of knowing that yet. Ideally I'd like her ultimate fate to be decided by decisions made by the player; who you trust, how capable Clem has been made by past experiences, etc. I've heard that Season 2 will have more branching paths and a story that's founded more on player choice, so I'm hopeful something like that will be the case.

    • exactly ^ like x1000

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      I don't want Clem to die at all even with our decisions, Besides, We want a Season Three were we play as Clem, Right?

      • Personally I'd want to play as someone new in Season 3 whether Clem survives or not. It's nice to be her for now, but I'd want to explore the apocalypse from a different perspective in the next season. I wouldn't mind an anti-hero, for example... Maybe someone like Nate.

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          I got a better idea, They can keep Clem as the Main character of Season Three & Four(if they make it) & they can give other characters like Nate a Spin-Off Game, Would you be happy with that?

          • It's not like I'd hate playing as Clem again. It's just that I like TWD's current pattern of having a different protagonist in different seasons. It reminds me of Game of Thrones, in that you see its universe from many, very different perspectives.

            I wouldn't really want TWD spin-off games at all, really. Chances are it'd be about as long as 400 Days, and while I liked 400 Days, it's a little short for a self-contained story.

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              GOUSTTTT BANNED

              I see what you mean but i don't to see Clem's story end until the end of Season Three or Four(without her dying) and then we move on to other characters like Nate, Vince or Eddie

  • No dice. Hope exists in The Walking Dead just long enough for its creators to destroy it.

    Alt text

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    vixvicco BANNED

    I understand your argument but at the same time, I disagree. I still have hope for Clementine and even though things are dark, I don't mind seeing more of her story. I agree that playing as her is kind of crappy (especially considering how young she is and she is definitely weaker than any adult character), but at the same time, there is nothing wrong with concluding the story of her character (or anyone else's story). Think about it: people are still wondering about Kenny just like how they would have been if they hadn't shown Christa or Omid or Clementine this season. And Molly too. I prefer just to know, and its no harm done if the game is good and the storyline is decent.
    Plus its only been one episode, anyway. Its kind of rushing to conclusions when we've all only played one episode of the game.

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