Will Clementine die at the end?

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If lee is credited first and
clementine second in season 1
and lee died, does that mean that
clementine will die in season 2
since she is credited first and
luke is second and that we will
play as luke if there is season 3? What do you think?


  • I doubt it, way to predictable and a re hash of season 1. Changing the protagonist again wouldnt be good either.

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    That is not how credits work. If the first person in the credits was to die after every season Rick in the TV show would be dead by now.

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    Clementine is first because she is the protagonist like Lee was in season 1.

  • And protagonist dies at the end of season...

  • What an original thread idea....


  • We will see XD

  • I won't play shit if Clemmy dies

  • We will see XD

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    For real I don't think so. I hope TTG proves everyone they're not a one-trick pony and will find something else to engrave TWDS2 in our memories. I'm not saying Clem should never die though... Just, not at the end for shock value like you-know-who.

  • I highly doubt it. Just because Lee died in season 1 doesn't mean that it is bound to happen again. I also think that it would be cool to play as Clementine for several seasons--assuming, of course, that there are more seasons after this one (here's hoping!)

  • Not every protagonist dies at the end of the season. If they did that it would be predictable and boring.

    Not the worst theory ever, but up there.

  • As I mentioned before, I highly doubt she is going to die in the end. The idea was already used in Season 1, so she is either going to survive the entire season, or she will be killed off mid-season and replaced by another character, which is highly unlikely.

  • Not gonna happen. TTG won't kill her, that's just plain obvious. There's just no good way to do it. No, I personally would like to see grown up Clem in season 3, you know, when she will be 15,16, I bet she will kick so much ass by then she will be a girl version of Chuck Norris

  • i dnt think she will die bcause at season 2 episode 5 it looks like they get to wellington and i think we will start there in season 3

  • She dont die she survive in this mad world

  • In my opinion they have to show us the story of vince in season 3 and in season 4 clementine was big and stronger to survive in this mad world

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