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What kind of stuff do you want to see in this series before the end?

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So we have four potentially awesome episodes to look forward to and now it seems as though the series is alive again, I'm super pumped for what comes next.

I was wondering, what kind of things do fans of episode 1 or fables readers really want to see in this series before the end?

Obviously we want every episode released in a timely and effective manner so that's leave that out.

Let's also exclude things we kind of already know are coming in time either from telltale or from the episode screenshots. This is things particularly like Bluebeard showing up at some point.

So I'll get the ball rolling of what I'd love to see before the end:

  1. Prince Charming. That lovable rogue who married snow white, cinderalla and sleeping beauty and seems to constantly use women for his own ends. Charming is a personal favorite of mine from the comic mostly because he's both a complete and utter jerk but is still human and even noble at times.
  2. Boy Blue He's an assistant to the deputy mayor in the comics but without spoiling anything, he quickly evolves into one of the richest characters in Fables. He doesn't have to do much but a cameo would be great.
  3. Flycatcher The frog prince turned janitor. He got a mention in episode 1 but like Boy Blue I'd relish a cameo.
  4. Bigby's full on wolf mode We know from the picture of episode 5 that he'll go full warewolf at some point but I'd love to see him in his pure form as a giant mythical wolf at least once.
  5. Pinocchio The hilariously bitter puppet turned boy but is now unable to grow any older. If colin can show up then surely there's room for him.
  6. A killer who actually makes sense Murder mysteries are hard to pull off well but I'd love a resolution to this story that makes sense and doesn't feel like an abrupt reveal.
  7. A reasonably happy ending I don't need Bigby happily dancing over the end credits but this isn't the walking dead. These characters should be allowed a sense of victory however small. The first issue of the comic alone tells us that things work out moderately well by the end so I'd really respect Telltale if they give us a ending that makes us feel just a little positive rather than a grim bittersweet ending.
  • Ok so these are the things I wanna see(please don't judge me):
    1.Bigby in his WOLF form,not werewolf.
    2. more fight scenes,because I'm a little barbarian :P
    3.ok,so I know that,according to the comics,SnowxBigby doesn't happen yet,but I need some,give me some!(lol,that's what she said)I am a fangirl,and I need shippings however small in my games sometimes.Bigby has potential.
    4.MOAR BUFKIN.I love the little fella,mostly for that bricklebit conversation with Bigby
    Bigby:What is it?
    Bufkin:A magic word.
    Bigby:What's it do?
    Bufkin:Make's animals shit gold.
    they both proceed to having an intense session of eye sex
    5.I want me some Bluebeard
    6.more conflicts between Bigby and the other fables.I want to make more decisions affecting his image,mostly after what Toad said:
    "I'm tired of feeling trivial,mate!We all are."
    7.more TWAU :D

  • I would definitely love to see Mr Toad in glamour before the series ends, just to see what he looks like.

  • 1-Flycatcher
    5-Bigby's Full wolf form

  • I'd like a full-out brawl that's not just one-on-one (not that there's anything wrong with those, either). I'm talking Bigby, Grendel and Woody versus the Tweedles, Captain Hook and Jafar, or something. Imagine the QtEs.

    On that note, I'd like to see actual consequences for our actions. I was basically as nice as possible to, say, Grendel, so it'd be cool to actually have him on my side if he realizes I hate the system just as much as he did. I'm also looking forward to seeing what role the Woodsman plays. He's one of my favorite characters so far.

  • I want Bigby, a Panic in Bluebeard, as Bigby never really liked him, also want the kid to appear blue even though he still has not taken the post of Assistant Snow and Bigby's want a spanking that vice mayor motherfucker Crane. I also want Bigby fight with some strong villain in the form of big bad wolf, and I want the Lord North Wind (father of Bigby) at least one appears for a little time, too, that Bigby fight with his father.

    1. Bigby berating Jack at least once.

    2. At some point in the game, having the Woodsman team up with Bigby.

    3. Rose Red showing up and seeing her reaction to Snow's "death".

    4. I really would like Boy Blue to show up, even if only as a cameo.

    Oh yeah, and I agree with you on the happy ending. I'm growing tired of the TWD "It's only gonna get worst" motto bullshit. The last Steam achievement is called "Happily Ever After", so it might seem plausible!

  • I want to see Bigby shirtless! <3

  • I want more noir...the really dark kind.

  • I really want to see Bigby, in his full godly wolf form of cousre, Boy Blue, Flycatcher, Pinocchio, Charming, and Briar Rose and especially Cinderlla! I can see Rose Red making an appearnce and possibly Brock Blueheart, if we ever get a look at the farm. Lastly, though, it would be great to get a glimspe of Frau Totenkinder, Ozma and the other from the 13th floor.

    • You know there is this shoe shop,I think it's her shop,like in the comics.(talking about Cinderella)And it appears at the last scene,when Bigby discovers Snow's head,it's called the Glass Slipper,I think.

      • Yeah it's called the glass slipper. Funny how that store is only a cover up for what she really does. Notice how her bio was covered and stamped classified, when going through the book the see who Faith was. She became one of my favorite character during the war (or probably before that) and I like reading her own stories, such as Fables are Forever.

  • I want to see Prince Lawrence get some serious character development.

    • He died in my initial file. Stupid toad made his request sound so important and urgent!

      • Me too. I mean, I thought that someone was trying to break inside Toad's house to kill him, so I helped him. Afterall, he managed to fuck up Dee's face with a metal rod without Bigby's help. I think helping Lawrence first is better, because you get to save him. The only consequence of doing it is Toad Jr. gets bitchslapped.

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