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Just one more day Wii users!

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Yup you heard (or I guess read) right. Ys Book I&II is currently set to come out on the VC this Monday! Anyone else going to pick it up? I've always been a big Falcom fan myself. I might actually have to pick up a new point card if a certain WiiWare game comes out on the same day. Nonetheless Monday is shaping up to be an awsome day.
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  • Never heard of it.What's it about?
  • It's an action RPG that came out for the Turbo CD that was really ahead of its time with voice acting and anime scenes. It plays overhead like Zelda, but IIRC you attack enemies with spells, or by running into them.

    The graphics aren't the best, but pretty classic. I can't really remember much of the story to be honest with you. The music was the highlight of the game though. The soundtrack was just awesome
  • Sounds good.Probably gonna get it.
  • Strike that. I guess that's another title Nintendo couldn't get out on time.
  • Or it could have been some misinformation spread across message boards and web sites by people who aren't even connected to Nintendo...

    Other games people were claiming to be out today:

    Mega Man
    Samurai Shodown II

    And that was in addition to YS I & II and this week's WiiWare game.

    Of course I could be wrong and it was a last minute switch. After all, there's never any misinformation spread out on the internet. Ever. *cough*Supposed GHWT tracklist that was posted on Scorehero but was deleted shortly after*cough*
  • Nope, it was spread by Hudson, Capcom, and SNK/Playmore. Anyway that'd technically be 3 last minute switches, but I've put all that behind me now... yeah. Maybe they'll be here next week.
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