• i personally don't think it will influence it that much, clem may have different views towards what the right thing to do in a situation like that. really, decide for yourself, or don't choose an option and clem will choose for you depending on what you did in the story!

  • i didnt have Clem shoot him because i thought it would have been too traumatizing for a little girl like that to have to shoot her friend and guardian straight in the head. She wasnt hardened by that point yet. I let Lee turn. He is dead anyway - an animated corpse - what difference does it make?

  • Except for some minor dialogue differences I don't think it will matter much.

    Personally I don't make Clem shoot Lee. Clem just saw her parents as walkers. I figured that if Lee can convince her that it's okay to leave him, she will have an easier time to accept their fate as well.

  • Thanks for the Intel by the way Onmens i like your picture

  • I didnt make Clem shoot Lee she only a little girl and had awful day didnt want her to go through that worked to hard protecting her from these decisions and wanted her to save her bullets as well and from my own point of view even how stupid it sounds wanted to keep the potential of Lee coming back alive and to be honest to gutted to see Lee shot already to much for me

  • I had her shot Lee. I thought the idea of knowing you left someone you cared about to die and then suffer a (imo) fate worse then death wouldb e terrible, so yeah xD

  • Dude, edit your thread title, it's spoilery like hell.

  • No matter what I chose at the end, it still never failed to make me cry like a little bitch :'(

  • I let her choose for herself and she decided it was best to shoot Lee.

  • I had her shoot Lee. He was dead either way and I didn't want him to turn into a zombie. Plus, this way I dont have to worry about running into any ZombLees that Clem is unable to shoot.

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