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Why would they show us this if it wasn't going to mean anything?

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Hi everyone! So I haven't have time to go through pages of threads on this forum so i don't know if someone already made this point. (sorry if you did). Anyways i was thinking, what if the " i thought you were dead" people are Sam's owners! I mean why would Telltale even put the picture there so we could see the family if nothing was going on and Sam was going to die anyway! Also it it very possible they are alive since Sam still knew where the camp was so well and he didn't wander off too far.

  • That would suck for all the hype that it builds up. Though I agree with some things, there are things wrong with this theory:

    Exhibit A: Telltale placing the picture there...

    It is possible, but if you skip over that box, there is no way that she could have known. You still get the same scene, meaning it has nothing to do with the picture. I also doubt that Clementine would remember nor care nor be surprised to the extent that she was in.

    Exhibit B: Sam was wandering around the camp...

    This doesn't necessarily prove anything. If Sam knew his owners were alive, why didn't Sam follow them? Why did the owners leave him? Also, Sam wandering around the camp is just Sam going through familiar territory; If the owners died, Sam would still wander around the camp either expecting the owners to come back and feed him or he was using the camp as a home. Sam would have eventually moved on deeper in the woods if he starved any longer, most likely to search for food.

    • Exhibit C: The train engineer's family picture
      We could equally say its the engineer's family from episode 3 if thats all it takes, no reason to show that picture either except to encourage people's sympathies.

  • The zombie tied to the tree is Sam's owner. (same shirt and wristbands)
    Guess the photo was mainly there for people to make that connection.

  • I thought about this too, but I don't think it will happen.

  • Guys, he is being sarcastic....

  • You guys got it all wrong. It's totally the family who lived in Savannah. The one in whose house the group stayed for a while. Remember how there was a picture of them in the living room? Yeah. It's gonna be them. Minus the dog and son. :D

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