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Your Thoughts on the Characters

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So, Season 2 revealed a lot of new characters. Make a list if them about what you think of them and what their fate will be/their role in future episodes. So characters we haven't seen yet count, like Carver and (Troy?). I'll post mine:

Luke: I like him a lot. Seems like a really nice dude who genuinely cares for Clem a lot, unlike most of the group members. Him dropping Clem and getting scared at least showed he was human and not done golden boy, which would've made me think him suspicious. Overall, total bro. But I know TT. They're going to kill him in the most horrible way possible, because they like to fuck with our favorite characters...

Pete: He reminds me of Lee a lot actually. He's really wise and nice and seems to be able to use weapons well, like the crossbow and rifle. I saved him, I have a feeling he'll die very soon though. Hopefully not. He's my favorite character from episode 1, just seems like a likable guy and I don't want him to die when his dispute with his nephew is unsolved :( I was thinking that maybe if you succeed in the amputation, a Pete will live, and if you fail or go slow, he will die.

Nick: To me, he's a mixture of Ben and Kenny. He has the clumsiness and cluelessness of Ben, along with the stubbornness and aggressiveness of Kenny. Seems he's good with guns though, that's a useful skill. I really didn't like him in the beginning of the episode, him almost shooting Clem and suggesting to kill her. But he warned up to me when he apologized. The story about his mom was sad, it reminded me more of Kenny. I hope bad blood with his uncle is resolved in future episodes, that is if they both live. Overall, he could have the potential to become a great character. I think he'll live long, whether it not you saved him.

Carlos: Lol he's a shitty doctor I can tell you that. Can't tell the difference between human and dig teeth? Please. But that aside, he seems decent. Doctoring is a good skill to have in a group, and he has access to medical supplies so that's good. He is reeaally protective of his daughter though. I don't know if it's because there's something off with her or because he's a really sheltering parent, I don't know. I don't like this though. In the apocalypse, everyone should at least know what's going on, and I have a feeling he'll need to teach Sarah about how the world works soon. I have a random prefuction he'll die protecting Sarah, maybe against Carver or sacrificing himself.

Sarah: I have a feeling she'll be the Clem to our Clem, who will act act as Sarah's "Lee". I think they're something wrong with her to be honest. I don't know what it is, and I don't know if well find out, but that's what I think. I have a feeling she'll be a major character and possibly live for a while...

Rebecca: She's a bitch. I know she's pregnant and all and that causes stress and it's the apocalypse and blah blah blah. But you don't tell a little girl she should die or ask someone to kill her, especially when you don't know them. I have a feeling TT will make us like her in future episodes though. I loved when we could ask her whose baby it was. That was golden. I feel kind of bad for her, but she's a major Ass so that makes up for it... And I hope we get to name the baby if it survives. Omid Jr. For me :)

Alvin: He's being puppeteered by his wife it seems. He seems like a really nice and caring dude, kind of reminds me of Doug actually. Underdeveloped. He needs to learn to stand up for his wife, and maybe speak his mind sometimes and stop being such a pussy, especially when the baby she's carrying might not even be his. SCANDAL. But yeah, I think he'll die in episode 2 with little character development, but who knows.

  • Did you...did you just say that Nick was good with guns???

    • Yes, I know he fucked up when you first met him, but did you see him at the riverbank? When you save Nick, he headsshots like 4 zombies in a row in an attempt to save Pete :)

      • There were only 2 zombies on Pete. He just fired 4 shots because he was panicked. Understandable, but I wouldn't say that it counts for him being good with guns. Combine that with what Pete told us and how he handled himself in our first meeting with him (or failed to), I would not feel confident around Nick with a gun. Hell, that's partly why I ran over to Pete; I figured that at least Pete wouldn't accidentally shoot me in the heat of a zombie fight.

        • Not to change the topic or main point of your post, but pete definitely got bitten, (atleast thats what it lookis like) i dont think he was going to last long.

          • Clem definitely got bitten (at least that's what it looked like) and Pete gave her the benefit of the doubt. It's only right to return the favor.

            Also, at that moment, Pete only had one zombie on him, which I figured I could take if we worked together. Nick was being surrounded and I wasn't confident in his ability to keep cool and take them all down.

            • Yes but we where there, we knew it was a dog bite, they didnt see it happen first hand like we "the player" did.
              Pete on the other hand, you could see what looked like a bite on his leg, clem looked very concerned when she seen that. regardless, clem got bit by a dog, and pete might have gotten bit, by a walker.

              If you pick pete dont you end up seeing him looking at a saw in the preview? i think you do, which would mean that he did get bitten, or it atleast points towards that possibility.

  • Your thoughts about the characters are pretty identical to mine. Except that I never thought of Lee when I see Pete.

  • I didn't like Rebecca or Nick. I saved Nick only because I think Pete got bitten. I don't even remember who Alvin is. Carlos is a douche bag too. Then again there were a lot of characters I didn't like. Christa, Larry, Mark, Doug, and Chuck, Also rubbed me the wrong way. And I want to know what happened to Molly. I loved Molly.

  • Human bites and dog bites are misdiagnosed all the time, even today. Human bites is mistaken as dog bites, and vise versa. You can't blame Carlos for misdiagnosis while under pressure and paranoia, along with distrust.

  • I'm not entirely sure why, but I feel like Sarah has some mild form of autism maybe? Just the way Carlos described her and how she responded to some things.

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