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The Process of Ageing in TWAU

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In the TWAU world we know that the characters have talked about living for many years. Do the Fables remain the same age forever or just age very slowly? I'm wondering about this because I just started reading the comics and there was an image of Snow White reminiscing about her childhood.

  • Can any comic book fans answer the question?

  • I think it is mentioned that all fables are different. I think that the main characters like Snow White aged until they are adults and just stays like that forever until someone kills them. But others like King Cole stop aging when they are in their fifties.

    • So it's not possible for fables to die of old age then? Are they suceptible to death by the disease or is the only way of killing them by murder/suicide?

      • As far as I have read in the books, no Fables has died of old age, which causes the high population increase and the increasing demands for glamour.

        There is one instance where a character has died of disease but it is more magical in nature rather than natural. (Not gonna say who, no spoilers.)

        And as far as I know, yes murder/suicide is one certain way to kill them.

  • I think you can only kill them with magic or weapons with magic attached to it

  • Well, for example Bigby as you may know, can be killed with sliver bullets or by burning him. Then again, a powerful spell also does the trick. I haven't read all the issues yet but from what i can gather they remain pretty much the same in terms of growing older. For example Pinocchio hasn't aged a day since his time in fabletown.

    • But Pinocchio has a reason for not aging. The Blue Fairy made him a real boy but his body won't grow and go through puberty like the others. And boy is he pissed about that. But yeah, they all stop at some point. You can look at Ozma as an example, for that she looks so young but can tell she's old through her eyes.

  • I think they age up to the point where they are in their particular stories and then stop. The witch Totenkinder is very elderly and some are still children. Some are children in their stories and adults now but they dont age after that. I dont know, Ive almost completely caught up but I dont recall any explanation of their aging process.

  • As far as I know,it depends on their popularity.Bigby,for instance,is a world-wide known fable,being the Big Bad Wolf in more than one story.As long as mundies know his story,he will stay as he is and won't age.And no,fables can't die of old age,but can be killed by different weapons or forms of magic.Again,Bigby can be killed by silver weapons or bullets or by being burned.But as long as mundies know his story and who he is,he will not age,thus being unable to die of old age.I haven't finished the comics,but this is the most plausible explanation,in my opinion.Take another example,Faith's father.He was shown as old.That,partly,was caused by his story being known only at the time when he was older,but also because he wasn't all that popular,was he?He died,I think,because of his old age.So,in conclusion,I don't think that really popular fables can die of old age unless they are forgotten,which makes the aging process slower.

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