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Appreciation Thread

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Because all these topics about characters and how they done fucked up is making me a sad panda. Let's talk about your favorite characters instead, and why you love them! Talk about the things you really loved that happened with them, what they did, their voices, dialogue, anything man.

This could also double for an analysis thing, as I do love those so much.

We can appreciate users, too. Or Telltale. I just, I really want to spread some love. Can you guys help me with that? Let's get really positive up here.

Oh man and we can talk about the scenery and the music too wow this game has everything and it's really nice >:{ -aggressive love-

  • I like almost everything about this game. That is all.

  • I'm just going through season one. Its a simply brilliant game! Unlike others I've played before. The characters are great and so are the plots. I now officially call myself a Walking Dead fan. Well done Telltale! :)

  • I remember watching the VGAs back in 2012, and i asked myself. "How could a game that looks like that win GOTY?" ironic then that it would be a year later when i would realise exactly why it won, and why it deserved it.

    The Walking Dead, after playing it myself, is one of the best story-based expireances i have ever had the honor of playing, TTG proved to me, and plenty of others that they are one of the great storytellers of this industry, never before has a games ending brought me to the breaking point of actually crying, i was completely speechless as the credits rolled, i was shocked, stunned, among other things. I couldnt believe that a game from 2012, ended up being my favorite game of 2013, and not only that, but i enjoyed it more then both Bioshock Infinite and The Last of Us, two of my favorite games last year.

    After beating season one, i instantly decided to get both the first episode and season pass for season 2 without a second thought. i choose TWDS2 over games like Watch-Dogs, Destiny, Titanfall, TESO, and many more. Why? becuase after playing season one, i knew i would regret it if i didnt,

    Incredible job TTG, incredible job.

    • Yeah I have found myself blown away after finishing episodes and I just want to see more.
      Well said, Insane :)

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      OzzyUK Moderator

      I did a similar thing, I brought The Walking Dead in the Steam Christmas sale in 2012 as it was a good deal, I had never watch the TV show or read the comics so i went into the franchise without any knowledge about the world of TWD.

      I started playing it but i didn't get into it at first as i was half way through Dues EX and wanted to finish that first so episode 1 took me about 3 days to finish, I didn't think i would like the rest of the game as the first episode didn't blow me away but as i don't like to waste money i decided to play the rest of the game even if i didn't enjoy it, Then i played episode 2 and really started to get into the story and get attached to the characters and i finished the rest of the game in three days.

      This was the first game to ever make me cry at the end and never normally cry at anything, It is so hard not to get attached to the characters and the story, In my opinion it is one of the best stories that i have ever payed in a video game, I think the last time i enjoyed a story that much was in Half Life 2 + Episodes 1&2 and the Portal games, I have also played the Bioshock games which also have a great story but i didn't get as attached to the characters as i did in The Walking Dead, like you i purchased the season pass as soon as i could and i think it is worth every penny and i would have paid double if that was the asking price as i enjoyed season 1 so much.

  • I promised myself I'd never cry over a video game ever.

    But then, TTG decided to plant explosives over that promise and-

  • I love it... I just love it. I don't really have anything else in mind to say right now.

  • My two favorite living characters in the walking dead game right now are Clementine and Luke.

    I’m more inclined to side with Luke than with anyone else. He’s the only group member I owe anything to (other than Pete, and he’s probably on his way out).

    He’s a sympathetic character, like Clem, he lost his parents too (he says he lost his folks if Clem says her parents died. Its most likely that he meant his parents and possibly siblings, I doubt he had any kids).

    He’s the only member of the Cabin who doesn’t have a family member with them (Nick and Pete, Carlos and Sarah, Alvin and Rebecca). He has no visible reason to keep on living, and he does.

    He had no reason whatsoever to save Clem’s life, and he did.

    He was the one who picked Clem up and carried her out of the forest.

    He was the one who I appealed to, and he backed Clem up and argued that it was a dog bite in front of the group.

    He gave Clem food, even though she gave him the cold shoulder after being let out of the shed.

    He offered to let Clem stay at the cabin with his group, and clearly said everyone else would just have to deal with it.

    He had zilch motivation to do any of these things, yet he still did them. I owe him my life. Unless he decides to just start randomly killing people, I’ve got his back no matter what.

  • I love everything about the game! Except Becca... Fuck Becca.

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      Becca will die

    • Nahh don't spread any hate in this thread please. If you've got nothing nice to say about Becca, don't mention her at all. <3

      • Does saying "i LOVE how we can be mean right back at her in-game" count? :)

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        But she suuuuucks :(

        • She's a scared little girl trying to force herself to grow up for the sake of her sister so she won't have to worry about her. I think she is far from sucking.

          I suppose it does, as long as you're not completely hating at her character. This is an appreciation thread and I'd like to avoid any character hate ;; justbepositive abouteverything IDK sobs

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            I guess your right but she is still annoying.

            • Again, if you've got nothing nice to say about her, try not saying anything about her at all. There's lot's of 'annoying' things characters have done...that's not what this topic is about.

              So let's turn it around. :Uc I like her coat a lot. I also like the relationship between her and Russell. I like Russell in general, though. He's such a gentleman when he wants to be.

    • I actually thought that Becca would be a reverse Molly situation...which would be quite disturbing.

  • --damn stupid double comment--

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