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The characters names.

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After talking about the names of the characters and such, I made some research and I think these are the origins of the names.

Lee- shelter

Clementine- merciful, mild, gentle

Kenny- fire, handsome, comely

Katjaa- pure, unsullied

Duck- eternal; virtue and prosperity

Lilly- white flower; purity

Larry- man from Laurentum

Carley- small champion, little and strong.

Doug- dark water.

Ben- son of the right hand, son of the south

Mark- dedicated, hammer, warring, polite, shining

Chuck- free man

Omid- hope

Christa- follower of Christ, gold

Molly- bitter, rebellious

Vince- to conquer

Russell- red haired, fox

Wyatt- war strenght

Nate- gift of God

Bonnie- attractive, pretty

Shel- sheltered town

Luke- light

Pete- rock

Nick- victory of the people

Rebecca- to tie

Alvin- noble friend

Carlos- strong

Sarah- lady, princess

Carver- one who carves wood, sculptor.

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