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The characters names.

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After talking about the names of the characters and such, I made some research and I think these are the origins of the names.

Lee- shelter

Clementine- merciful, mild, gentle

Kenny- fire, handsome, comely

Katjaa- pure, unsullied

Duck- eternal; virtue and prosperity

Lilly- white flower; purity

Larry- man from Laurentum

Carley- small champion, little and strong.

Doug- dark water.

Ben- son of the right hand, son of the south

Mark- dedicated, hammer, warring, polite, shining

Chuck- free man

Omid- hope

Christa- follower of Christ, gold

Molly- bitter, rebellious

Vince- to conquer

Russell- red haired, fox

Wyatt- war strenght

Nate- gift of God

Bonnie- attractive, pretty

Shel- sheltered town

Luke- light

Pete- rock

Nick- victory of the people

Rebecca- to tie

Alvin- noble friend

Carlos- strong

Sarah- lady, princess

Carver- one who carves wood, sculptor.

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    Antero BANNED

    Wow. Most of them really fit to them. Especially chuck's and molly's

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    OzzyUK Moderator

    Nate= gift of god after killing innocent old people and getting Russell to rate a walker's attractiveness out of 10 :P

    • Well, this is what his name means, I din't make that up. Not my fault that Telltale choose this name for the character. But in a sense, Nate is a Gift of God to Russell because if he din't take Russell with him, Russell would of died on the side of the road, getting eaten by walkers. Plus, for all we know, he was a good man before the apocalypse but he changed. Plus, Eddie killing his friend might of affected Nate.

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        OzzyUK Moderator

        I'm not doubting the meanings but from what what we saw of Nate i found it a bit amusing.

        Nate is a good survivor, He trusted Russell with his gun when he easily could have been shot, He got him to take initiative in a situation where it was needed, we also don't know his back story so there could be many reasons that he does things like that.

        Most of the names do seem to fit the characters and Telltale do like foreshadowing so there could be a chance that most of them mean something, Nick could be more important that we think with with a meaning like victory of the people or Alvin being a noble friend, Its a interesting theory to keep an eye on.

  • Interesting, most of the names are not so random as it seems, even for secondary characters.

  • Any other thoughts?

  • are there any on Glenn even if he was on for a short time.

  • Eddie - Rich in friendship

    I hope Wyatt finds him. Pretty unlikely, though, considering how a "separated friends" situation usually goes down in the ZA.

  • I only knew Omid because I'm Persian.
    I love how accurate he looks to your average Persian in Iran.
    They didn't make him look Arab or Indian like how people often inaccurately portray Persians.
    He looks mostly Native, as most Persians do.
    Besides his eyes, but even my cousin, uncle and aunt have dark eyes.
    But a lot of us have Green. Like Raz Al-Gul and Talia in Arkham City.
    I love Omid's personality and love for history.
    He is kind hearted and good in spirit.

    Omid is spelt:


  • I like that they took background into account.
    Like Christa, someone whom looks Southern Italian, has an Italian name.
    And Omid, someone whom looks Persian, has a Persian name.
    Given, many Persians have foreign names like Arabic, Italian and Indian.
    But we also use our own names that are strictly Persian.
    And Omid is a specifically Persian name.
    One non Persian never adopt.
    In a sentence, it is used:
    Shoma tanha omid man hastid.
    (You are my only hope.)
    Unlike other Persian names such as Cyrus and Darius which I see quite often.
    Though, even if Omid was named Thomas, I would have said he looks Persian.

    • Christa isn't an italian name,Cristiana and Cristina are :) I know it because I'm italian.

      • Thank you.
        I am Persian.
        So, forgive my generalization of Latin.
        I was made aware that Christa is a variant of Cristina.
        Much like how, in Spanish, Senorita is a variant for Senora.

  • I love Omid!
    He is so uplifting.

  • What about Trivia?

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