• If that were the case, I'd just hope the writers would be extra sensitive in how they choose to convey it in the story. I do think Telltale would be able to handle it well.

    • yeah, i could imagine them hinting it, you know like with molly on the tape in Crawford? they didn't show you what actually happened, but you know what really went down...

  • Rape is a very touchy subject for some people and I am not sure if there is a good way to write something that doesn't end up offending a lot of people.

    I have a feeling Rebecca is Telltale's new Larry. You meet both of them after half the episode and they both dislike you very much. So I think we will see some sort of secrets kept in Alvin/Rebecca's relationship and he may not be as nice as he seems. We don't really know these characters very well so far so we can't really tell exactly who they are.

  • Rape is a very touchy subject. That said, TTG has crossed other touchy subjects with extreme ease and little repurcussions... seeing as Urban Lee is the butt of many jokes.

  • I really don't know if that will change my opinion of her... Granted, rape is indeed a touchy subject. But it has been done before in TWD and if TT decides to go for it, they will handle it. But still... I dunno if rape is the way to develop Rebecca's character, better than her being Lori V2 i guess....

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    I'd be absolutely offended, because some imaginary great grandmother of mine got raped in a concentration camp by a nazi named Carver. Besides, I should mention that I'm extremely religious so I don't like anything that has to with sexuality in a game rated mature but if you ask why I play it I will call you bigot out and tell everyone how intolerant you are.

  • That's kinda why I wasn't initially aggressive toward Rebecca. Maybe she was a trusting person before she became pregnant.

    It is a fucked up thing, but could be a twist they'll throw at Clem and the gang.

  • If she was raped, I don't think she'd be worried about it not being Alvin's baby.

  • She'd still be a bitch. A somewhat more sympathetic bitch, but still a bitch. At this point, enough fucked up shit has happened that you just have to assume that everybody's been through some unspeakable trauma. Unless it just happened or is somehow relevant to the current situation, it's not an excuse for shitty behavior.

  • lol why the dislikes?
    its all for the sake of discussions, what else another Kenny thread or is lee alive thread?

  • i would still think shes a cunt, raped or not being such a bitch and being for killing a kid is just fucked up

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