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Should We Be Concerned ?

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Ok so, I know I made a thread bout the release dates before but I just found out that "The Wolf Among us " Episode 2 is coming out in the first week of February (supposedly)*

"The Wolf Among Us" episode 1 came out (according to wikipedia) Oct 11-15.

So that is a almost complete 4 months in between episodes.

Was it supposed to be longer times for TWAU? If it was, than I apologize and you can lock this thread.
If it was supposed to be "monthly" , than I am extremely concerned about what this means for the Walking Dead. I knew we were aiming by AT LEAST mid February but now maybe April?

  • TWD always takes priority, don't worry.

    • Regardless, in the end, quality > quantity.

      I dont think it matters how long it takes, as long as the episode is great, and worth the wait.

      • Uh, no. Waiting four months for two hours worth of gameplay (that most likely will end in a cliffhanger) ain't worth it. It's like your girlfriend not giving you any for months, only to give you a blowjob and then stop before you orgasm, promising she'll finish it later.

        • Alright I wouldn't really put it that way,but I agree with you.Barely two hours of content each 2-3 moths?

        • You fail to realise the most important thing. This is a game, you went into this knowing that there could be a delay. Besides, if the gaming industry has proven anything, its that it doesnt take much to justify a purchese, thats like buying sonic or mario and saying "its to short so it wasnt worth it"

          Gaming has a way of impacting those who expireance it unlike any other form of entertainment, time isnt an issue, your ability to wait, is.
          Look at Battlefield 4, a game that many were excited to play, it wasnt delayed and it released on time. And look what happened, the MP is broke and DICE still arent finished fixing it, if they spent more time on it, the wait would have been worth it, as the game would have had a much better release.

          My point is, games have a way of making 1 - 2 hours awesome and sometimes mind-blowing, If you want TTG to start releaseing it before its good and ready, i suggest you make a petition for EA to take over, then you will get your "frequently released bad and buggy" episodes you so desire.

          Lets be honest, i know you dont want that, but my points still stand, if we were talking about a TV show i would understand, but this is a game, and a game can do quite alot in 1 - 2 hours.

          • A delay - yes. A delay due to poor priority management that stalled an episode for nigh on 4 months - NO. They're professionals, they should know their limits. Sonic and Mario were decently long and they had a challenge that made the game even longer. TWD and TWAU are interactive stories with lose/win states being the exception, rather than the rule.

            I want TTG to be better organised, because they'd done a poor job of it in the 4th quarter of '13. They should've stuck with one game. Either TWD or TWAU, either way to have it done in a timely fashion, rather then spreading themselves way too thin to cover too much ground.

            That still does not change the fact that TTG dun goofed and we have every right as the consumers to rip into them for it. They're professionals, they should have known better than to take on two large projects at the same time. Taking creative risks is OK, taking stupid risks is not.

            • 3 things.

              1: Im not saying you dont have a right to be angry at them, you do, and yes they made a mistake, but lets face it, every developer makes a mistake sometime, Bungie, Bethesda, SEGA, Naughty Dog, Nintendo, 343I, and many many more. No developer is a "professional" there are simply those who make less mistakes and better games, and have more expireance.
              Gaming is complicated, as there has never been, and never will be the "perfect game" its impossible, due to complications in what people like and dont like.

              My point is this. Yes, you can be mad at them, but "riping into them" for one mistake is hardly reasonable, besides, we dont even know if it will be delayed, we are simply guessing.

              2: Sonic and Mario were not the best examples i know, but i couldnt really think of a better one at the time :P so here is a better one. Look at Halo 3 ODST, possibly one of Bungies best campaigns, yet, it was the shortest of all the Halos, and they made it in 1 year, and yes you're right, but story-telling is something TTG has done really well with, a great story can be enjoyed, but, a great interactive story that has verious outcomes can not only be enjoyed, but even has replay value, and thats my point, in 1 - 2 hours, they can acomplish quite alot, there is no denying that.

              3: Allow me to express the fact that i dont want them to delay it, but at the same time i can understand it if they do, sure they should have stuck with 1 game at a time, but i dont think they would take this risk if they didnt believe they could pull it off.

              I get your points, but heres the thing. TTG created an incredible story with season 1 of TWD, and they have a chance to do it again. I do agree that, to an extent, it does matter how long it takes for them to release it, but at the same time, i want these next 4 episode to be the best that they can be, even if that means waiting a bit longer.

              • 1) And when a studio, AAA or not, makes a mistake the fans rightly light a fire under them. For it is the only way for studios to learn. They need neurotics like me whining and moaning to keep them from getting to comfy and well-padded by praise. And I'm not asking for the ''perfect game'', I'm asking for the mountains to not shake (3+ months) and give birth to a mouse (2 hours worth of gameplay).

                It has been delayed, there's no guessing about it. 2 hours, the game is using the simpler engine (albeit tuned up a bit), it's linear with only a few changes. Two months is fine. Three I can understand. Anymore than that and it becomes unacceptable.

                2)What with their limited budget, I doubt TTG will give us more than one ending to TWAU, especially since it all has to be in canon. And replay value, eh, not for me at least. Twice at most and then I'm done because there's very little I'd want to explore that would make it meaningful. Again, linearity.

                3) To paraphrase iHawk from Futurama: ''They can believe it all they want, that won't make it true.''

                You forget, at the time they were developing only TWD. Maybe the designers were working on Fable, but they weren't the programmers, animators, artists, writers. The people who do the grunt work. I sat through the radio silence between TWD's S1 episodes 2-3 and I was ticked off, but not pissed. With TWAU's delay, I'm mighty pissed.

  • The second episode of TWAU wasn't supposed to take 4 months to come out - they were unforeseen delays. Generally there's around 4-6 weeks between each episode of a series, and I suspect that's what we'll get with The Walking Dead.

  • It's isolated and unrelated to TWD. The Wolf Among Us had a poor Episode release date and it got messed up because of delays that Tell Tale had that are probably confidential. I expect Episode 2 of Season 2 out before March.

  • Season 1 episode 2 for the walking dead took longer than expected too.

    That said that is most peoples favourite episode so maybe that says something

  • There were just delays with the episode is all, TT said it won't happen again. I can still see TWD S2 E2 coming out late Feb

  • I dont understand is telltale under staffed right now?

  • This delay was definitely not due to inability to produce artwork in time, the engine is already done, most of artwork too. I bet the delay was because some voice actor got sick or they had to radically alter the story so they had to remake many parts, redo voice acting/writing. We will probably never now. Im pretty confident we will get TWD ep2 in time.

  • It will be out before March

    • Still not a good sign. Say it comes out the last week of February. Aren't they aiming for 4-6 weeks between episodes? That would be 8-9 weeks. I just don't understand why they can't be more open with their fans about where they stand.

      • Exactly, Telltale needs to tell people when the next episode is due. As the gap between is ridiculous. Would be like me taking a PC in for repair, and not telling the customer when it's due to be ready.
        Next time I shall just say to a customer, oh I don't know when your PC will be ready. All I can say is 'very soon'. I will leave it up to you to speculate when that means.
        If I did that, I wouldn't be in business very long and neither will Telltale if they carry on.

  • Im sure TWD will be ok, however if it is released after a long preiod like TWAU then all hope is lost. I've lost all hype for TWAU personally.

  • TT said it themselves that it's out of the question to release both games in the same month. So i think it's safe to assume we either get the 2nd episode this month, or in march.

    • They said that? There is NO way it comes out this month. So I guess March it is. In all honestly I may not even care enough to remember its coming out. Ill have to rely hearing it on twitter or youtube for the release. . .

      • The reason i think there is a slim chance of that happening is because they already delayed the 2nd ep of TWAU by 4 months. If TWD comes out in march, that's 3 months for ep 2. That will be seen as the 2nd consecutive delay. But still, i won't get my hopes up even though there will be some backlash and some angry customers out there.

        • Oh great I completely forgot about the season pass I bought too. Ugh. I just don't think its really unfair that we are "investing" money into this game and they can't even be straight with us. I would appreciate it a lot more (even though I am sure many will get mad) if they came out and said "we are experiencing difficulties, the next episode should be out in 2- 3 weeks"

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      CathalOHara Moderator

      "TT said it themselves that it's out of the question to release both games in the same month."

      I never heard that, where is your source?

    • In many interview Telltale was said that they have 180 staff working on games and that each game has individual team assigned to it so I don't see how release of TWAU should affect the release date for TWD franchise. Also 180 staff is a lot, I have some experience with game development myself so I can say that its more than sufficient.

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