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This smaller character must not be ignored!

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This awesome guy on youtube posted this video about the scavenger Victor.(the survivor at the riverside) I don't know why, but I'm excited to see this guy appear later in the season and have a pretty interesting character arc. Check this channel out. he's got a lot more videos just like this.

how big of a role do you think this guy might have, and how big of an effect will the water decision have?

  • Well, since I refused to give him the water, I can only assume that he's dead in my playthrough. If he dies if you don't give him the water, then I really don't see him playing a big role in the story, since he can be dead for some people and alive for others.

    Season 1 is a prime example that you can save someone in one episode, only for them to die in the next. I honestly don't see how he could even make it out of there. He's dehydrated and can barely move, and to top it all off, he's been shot. If he does show up again in the story, I will be nothing short of amazed that he survived.

  • I don't see the big deal in not offering him water. Its not like he's a couple of feet from the water or anything. also if your stingy with the water why? just fill it back up like literally if you tripped youd land in the water. must have been some good water in that bottle.

  • he could tell us more about carver later in the season and what happened to Christa

  • I think that this man is the one Clem thinks was dead.

  • Kind of hope he returns, but not in the "I thought you were dead" scene. I hope it's someone from season 1

  • Does anyone think that Carlos and Victor could be related? They both look similar in appearance.

  • "They're not bad guys"

    If you let yourself get caught in the runaway scene, Victor's the one that urges Winston to shoot Clementine in the head. Both of them do it with impressive coldheartedness, too. Winston had a smile on his face, even.

    Good guy my arse.

  • My theory is that this guy will die but one of his friends, maybe Carver, will witness Clementine give or not give him water, this will influence how the onlooker will treat Clementine in future episodes.

  • I don't think it's too important, there's no way he could have lived, so that choice is probably just something where it might determine part of Clem's personality/demeanor in future. Example: If you gave him the water(or killed the dog), then Clem will probably in general act kinder and nicer. If you left the dog to suffer or didn't give a dying man water, then Clem will act a bit more cold-hearted.

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