• We don't really need to know what happened to Lily. As far as we know shes still alive and theres a chance Kenny is to. Remember the choices you made in season 1 will affect you in season 2. Kenny and Lily both show up, Who do you side with or even save? Who did Lee side with?

    Clementine will remember that.

    • Well, TTG can't exactly refuse to explain how one (or both) of them survive. Just throwing them in and saying "Hey! I'm here!" is kind of insulting to both fans and logic. I don't think people would be so quick to forgive Lilly, either. Based on Lee's relationship with her, she may be a bit more comfortable to see her or afraid to see her, though either way she may be hesitant to trust her, especially since the last time she saw, she shot Carly.

      I believe Kenny will appear, but later in the season. He doesn't seem like the type to accuse strangers of robbery, though a lot can change in 2 years...

  • To tell you the truth i really don't care who it is i will be happy with whoever shows up

  • This thread needs more Lilly...

    First person to post a "Lilly Confirmed for Season 2!" gif will be forever loved, and their story will be told around the campfire.

  • I really hope it's either Kenny or Lilly, so that your actions in Season 1 have an impact you know, who you liked/backed up the most.

    Though I still don't really understand how Lee's actions can be put on Clementine's account, I mean, if Lilly or Kenny hated Lee I don't think they'd hate Clem due to that. I'm really curious how all of this will pan out, if it's gonna be akin to a "fresh start" with either of them or if they'll hold Clem responsible for Lee's action.

    Anyway it'd feel like a huge letdown if it's neither of them... I think it's too soon to see Christa again.

  • If it would be Lilly, I hope she gets the redemption moment, the same way Kenny had with Ben/Christa in Ep 5

  • I'm thinking about changing the title to "THE Lilly Appreciation Thread" just to blend in with all the other "THE (insert name here) Appreciation Thread".

    Yay or Nay?

  • I'd personally like it to be Kenny, but yes, Lilly is very likely.

    Especially now that she's her own character, no longer bound to the comic Lilly. Telltale can do as they please with her now.
    I feel that they only got rid of her so quickly in Season 1 because she was supposed to be the Lilly from the comics so they had to let her go at some point. But now, nothing's stopping them. Maybe they don't want to let her character go to waste now that the Lillies are separated.

    They said Kenny's fate would be explored.

    Kenny was obviously a ...very "close", "important" person to Lilly, I'm pretty sure he would be one of the first people Lilly would ask Clementine about.
    And thus, his fate will be explored. "Christa told me she saw his body when she was leaving Savannah" complete with a flashback or something like that.

  • I hope she comes back, but that Kenny does as well, so they can have one last conversation before one or both die. Hash it out, see if they can forgive each other for everything. I think that would be nice, and a strong indicator of how far both have come since Season 1, and changed for the better.

    • While I have to doubt the plausibility of them of them splitting from the group and surviving to both find Clementine again, I think it could be interesting to see them meet up after all this time.

      Maybe not a happy reunion, but just the idea of playing off the parallels of the two again, and seeing how the interaction would change knowing that both were driven to edge only to lose everything anyway.

    • That would be a defining moment for the two, Telltale should read that

  • Kenny doesn't approve

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  • Personally I don't give two shits about whether Lilly survived or not.
    If she did, I wouldn't trust her, nor join her.
    She proved to be only concerned about herself, which was made abundantly clear after she not only killed Carly in cold-blood but she stole the RV, leaving Lee, Clementine, Kenny and his family for dead.

    The first time I played, it's because of her murdering Carly without any proof that she'd been supplying the bandits, and that she did so without any remorse, is why I left her on the side of the road.
    I reasoned, if I let her back in, there's no telling what she might do, if given an opportunity.

    Kenny on the other hand was a good man.
    He was concerned about doing the right thing, and helping others.
    If you had his back, he had yours, which is one of the things friendship is all about.
    If Kenny is the unknown stranger, I'd join him in a heartbeat.

    If it's Lilly, I might shoot her on sight, reasoning, "What's to stop her from shooting me, if she gets the chance."
    Even though Clementine is the playable character, Lilly obviously showed she didn't care a thing for her, by leaving her and everyone else for dead at the abandoned train.
    So with that in mind, what reason is there not to suspect she wouldn't kill a child, especially if her ass was on the line?

    • And THAT is exactly why Lilly should return even after Kenny turning on the majority of the players in episode 2 and being a dick for the rest of the game he got a kind of redemption in episode 5.

      Lilly never really got any of that and vanished after doing a terrible thing; So she should return perhaps not for forgiveness but have more of an impact on people rather than just hate (we dont even know how Lilly felt about the situation). I hated Kenny after he left me to die by Danny after we'd been friends before some disagreement. If Kenny had died from that gunshot from Andy I really wouldnt have cared then.

    • Your reasoning for Lilly shooting Clem doesn't make much sense. First of all, Lilly obviously cared for Clementine, although its only briefly mentioned. Second, you are bringing up Kenny unnecessarily in my thread; we don't need a flame war.

      Besides, I don't hate Kenny; we had disagreements, but I can see why he does the things he did, he doesn't pull them out of his ass, he does these things for the good of the group, which is something I can somewhat appreciate. At the end, he was my friend, and I was sad to see him go away.

      • I didn't say you didn't like Kenny.
        I merely brought him up to illustrate the difference between the two of them.
        And why I would not trust her.
        Lilly not only killed Carly in a fit of rage, but didn't show any remorse, and on top of that, if Lee was gracious enough to allow her to come back in the RV, she then leaves him behind.
        So to me, those kind of actions do not warrant any trust.

        • And I respect that POV, but it's these that start a flame war, so just watch what you say about Kenny/Lilly. If you don't like Lilly, than you are in the wrong place.

          • Well let me ask you, if Lilly does come back in the second or third season, how do you see her?
            Do you see her redeeming herself?
            Or do you see her as a villain type?

            I see her as a villain.
            She reminds me of Shane on the tv show.

            • Two years? I think she would have accepted the death of her dad and moved on. Though I don't think her a 'villain' I do think she could be one to accuse people of stealing/robbery, that sounds like something Lilly would do. Besides, I think it would be much more interesting to see who forgives her or who doesn't.

            • I don't necessarily see her as an antagonist, but I do see her as becoming much colder after her father's death. Very much like Shane in the fact that she sees things in terms o survival only, Humanity comes second. I always saw Kenny as more like rick, focused on Humanity and what was right, but in terms of protecting members of the group or his family, he'd be willing to do anything.

              • I just want to say my hats off to you in your description of the two characters.
                Kenny and Lilly do have Rick/Shane dynamic going on.
                Never exactly thought about in that way, good comparison.

                • Thanks. :)

                  There are two lines specifically that made me think of that. When Shane is talking to Rick about finding Sophia, "Sophia only matters so long as she doesn't drag the rest of us down. It's all simple math, how much food, how much ammo, how much fuel." And then basically everything that Lilly says when you first met her. The one thing that stands out in particular is when she says, "Those things out there don't care!" after Glenn points out that they have kids with them.

                  If Lilly does return in Season 2, then I see her returning as even colder and more like Shane, that is to say, more "practical". My reason for this would be because of how she reacted after Larry died. She became paranoid and unstable, but even then, after she killed Carley, she made excuses to try and save herself, and she betrayed Lee. Even at that point, she was worried about self-preservation. After surviving more or less on her own after two years, I'm thinking she'd be even more like that.

                  Kenny on the other hand, I feel like he'll return as a much more "broken" man. If I'm right, then I think that Lilly's survivalist attitude will eventually get her killed, and perhaps Kenny will eventually become the man he was before, and be the leader of the group again. Possibly after Carlos dies, because I get the feeling that Carlos WILL die.

                  • Don't we all get that feeling that someone is going to die?

                    • I suppose, but I specifically get the feeling that Carlos will die, leaving Sarah all alone, and then perhaps she'll be traumatized by the event or something.

                  • You got one hell of an interesting theory, as far as Lilly and Kenny are concerned, and what their possible future could be.
                    I do see Lilly's survivalist mentality coming back to bite her in the ass.
                    Paybacks's a bitch!

                    And I also agree that Kenny will become the great guy he was again, actually even more so.
                    Kenny was a fighter, someone who was determined not to give up.
                    That's actually an admirable quality!

                    Just on a quick note on human nature.
                    After a person has experienced traumatic personal loss, it's quite likely that they will go into a state of depression.
                    And that depression can take years to overcome!
                    But if a person is willing to continue to take positive action in their life, ( and the main way to acomplish that is by keeping their mind busy with constructive activity), not only can they survive, but also come back better then they were before.
                    I know that from personal experience!

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