• Lily actually INVITES Lee to accompany her in the RV

    Yeah, then waits till Lee goes to get Clem outside and then speeds off without them. Real classy.

    • Sure, but I'm suggesting a situation where that didn't happen. (And since video game Lily has long been confirmed to be a separate character from comic book Lily, I thought I didn't even have to mention the whole business with the Governor and the prison.)

  • Robert Morgan, you always provoke the best discussions.

    Considering the fact that Lilly Caul is different from the prison/Governor arc, I'd always imagined her surviving in the sticks. If Lee and Clem were able to join her (not that I would, I was with Kenny all the way), they would have ended up scavenging homes and most likely going bandit. It may have been more long-term than Savannah, but I'll be damned if Lee and co. didn't go out with a heroic "bang".

  • While I wasn't apt to leave Kat and Duck at that point, and doubt Clementine would have been very agreeable about not going to Savannah, I think the idea of branching the story there is an interesting concept.

    Who knows, maybe they could have had some stroke of luck going the opposite direction? Leaving the pipe dream of finding a boat behind to find a new group, where Lilly could possibly stabilize without the paranoia and stress of leadership?


    Kenny: ...You three are back already?

    Lee: Yeaaah, the radiator lasted like five miles...

    Lilly: .....

    • Kenny will remember that

      Anyway, I think if Lee had went with Lily and had managed to convince Clem to come too Lee would obviously not have been bitten while trying to pick up Clem's walky talky, but they might have killed Lee another way. Most probably they would avoid groups and spend their time like Clem and Christa did at the start of S2 E1 hunting and eating rabbits. However if they didn't want to do a time skip they probably would have encountered another group along the way and either befriended them or have defended themselves against them.

      What do you think would have happened to the others left behind, would anyone other than Lee have figured out how the train worked.

      • This is why i'd love it if TTG did story branching, have 2 or 3 different stories depending on your choice. Problem is, is that it would be a tremendous amount of work to create the game

        • I think it would be interesting if we could have some DLC about what other characters that we had encountered on our journey did after we separated. It wouldn't be as difficult to do and it would tell us what the game would have been like if the other character was the focus. For instance what Lily/Molly/The cancer survivors etc. were up to after we left them.

    • The radiator, though fried, could have gotten Lilly & Lee to the next town. I talked about this in my own thread. She could have driven to Pearson or further.

  • Well i can tell you what would have probably happened to the rest of the group if Lee and Clem had left with Lily. Kenny would have probably got the train going and Duck would have turned (seeing as Kenny wouldn't have stopped the train unless Ben (yeah right) talked Kenny into it), Duck would end up killing the group and probably Kenny too

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    Kenny/Lee BANNED

    Honestly I'm glad that wasn't an option.
    I hated Lilly's character from the moment she appeared.

  • Then there be no Season 2 at all, just kidding. Well, I think that would be a good thing to tackle. More like a DLC when Telltale finished Season 2. :)

  • All evidence points to: "no", "no", and "maybe, but only speculative".

  • Romance between the two? No, no, no...

  • As for the point most people are not discussing, its hard to say what the stranger would do in that situation.

    For one, if you didnt want to take supplies from the abandoned car, the stranger admits he hates Kenny, while only being angry at Lee for what he exposes Clem to. So its possible the stranger might have just gone to Savannah. If not, I think it would be much harder for Clem to speak with the stranger if it was just Lilly, Lee and Clem out in the wilderness. Without anywhere safe to be by herself, they would have soon found out about the radio and put a stop to it and they would presumably be more difficult to track.

    As for survival, I think they would be far more likely to survive with 1. not having Ben to look after, 2. Having the very capable Lilly with them, 3. Not having that train dragging thousands of zombies behind them.

    I honestly think driving straight back to the Motor Inn might have been a good idea, they had other working cars there and tons of supplies. The place had been overrun by zombies, in addition to most of the bandits dying, its unlikely anyone would have gone in to loot the whole place by then. Wait a few hours and go back is what I would have done if not for Kenny's dream of hoping on a boat forcing me away.

    So I figured a good idea would be get the supplies at the motor inn, take Kenny's truck and find a nice secluded house somewhere the three of them can hole up for the winter.

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