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Future of Wallace and Gromit

posted by Gibbeynator on - Viewed by 526 users

With Wallace and Gromit being delisted from every service, and Telltale unlikely to make a new deal with Aardman, what's the future for the games? I know that we can still download the games, but what about the install limit (which is something that this one's DVD has that no other Telltale DVD does)?

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    TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

    The Wallace and Gromit CD/DVD game should not have an install limit on it. Neither should the digital version. Can you please clarify where you are seeing an install limit?

  • I believe it was brought up a few times in the past that Telltale games have a 20 activation limit, and that the Wallace and Gromit DVDs didn't remove this limit, requiring activation every time it's installed to a new machine. I shall have to check again.

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