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The Fate Of Christa's Baby And Kenny

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After going back and forth with this I've decided to stick with the fact that Christa's baby is dead , Now unlike many people I don't think it was a miscarriage or that he got killed by somebody , I think the baby managed to actually survive a short amount of time before succumbing to the harsh living conditions of the Apocalypse and Clem will mention this to the others when Rebecca is close to having her baby, Expect something along the lines of " I had a friend who lost her baby once" . Now we move on to Kenny , While I do think he is alive, The name of the last episode has me worried because if Clementine Ever goes back to Savannah or even gets close to that city Its obvious that we will just stumble upon Kenny's zombified body. As of Now Im sticking with the Baby being dead and Kenny alive but nothing is clear yet I hope next episode gives more answers than it raises questions.

  • I don't think we're going back to Savannah, if we do then it's like 2050330403% obvious we'll find Kenny's body, if we stay in North Carolina then sure Kenny alives but Telltale are better than this.

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      SaltLick305 BANNED

      I hope so, Although I wouldn't be surprised if Telltale pulls that one on us even if we stay in North Carolina , Don't ask me how because i don't know but they like to make their fans suffer and walker Kenny seems like a good way to continue that trend

      • Savannah must be completely overrun by walkers now. I highly doubt we'll go back there. Also, there is a long way to until Wellington.... I honestly don't know how they are supposed to go there. We'll just have to wait and see.

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          SaltLick305 BANNED

          I just find it too hard to believe that Kenny went to the exact same place Clementine is and found each other, There is the whole US and he went to North Carolina , I want it to be him , But I don't know it doesn't seem real considering Telltale likes to make this game feel as real as possible

          • Assuming he even survived. Even if he did, without a proper and detailed explanation it would be too far fetched. I've said this before, and i'll say it again: TT really drove themselves into a corner with the preview. Because if that person turns out to be someone else rather than Kenny people are going to be pissed, there is no doubt about that( the avalanche of Kenny threads speak volumes about this) We're on the same page here, i want that person to be Kenny.... But until proven otherwise, i'm gonna go with that person being someone else.

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              SaltLick305 BANNED

              Yep and even if its in fact him i would like an explanation as to how he got there because this is the place Telltale has put themselves in , After killing Lee and basically everybody in the group they are now in a position where everything that happens in the games has to make sense and seem as real as possible otherwise I'd lime Lee back alive right know

              • Wait, Lee is dead? Huh, some people would disagree with you....

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                  SaltLick305 BANNED

                  Some people say that if you cut off his arm and didn't shoot him he could of just passed out from all the blood he lost and while that is a possibility since thats what actually happens in real life , A lot of people shot him and i Just don't think based on our decisions we can bring him back , The story would have just too manh ways to go

    • that doesn't make sense kenny can't die twice he's either living or not

      • Ok, are you english? If not I understand, but in my other post on a different thread, you completely misread my post, and you've done the exactly same FUCKING thing with this one. Read it again. If you're not English fine, but if you are then MY GOD.

  • kenny ate christa's baby

    • Kenny IS Christa's baby


      but no I do believe that Kenny is alive and Rebecca's baby is either going to be Kenny's child or Christa will come back and be taking care of it or possibly both. I don't think Christa is dead either if we don't get confirmation that she is dead before the cabin group leaves in the next episode expect Christa to come back. Also I am fairly sure that city is Wellington.

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        SaltLick305 BANNED

        Another Duck ? Lol he had a son with Katjaa and for some He was a complete jerk, Imagine one with Rebecca

        • LOL well honestly yeah it's been enough time I think he has time to move on and possibly have another kid. Rebecca feared that her baby wasn't Alvin's so obviously another race. I think Kenny will be worse this season though I do believe he will be too hardened , distant and cold but I think he might die protecting Clem , Christa and the baby is my guess. Although I think if the baby wasn't in the plot Kenny would have a better chance at sticking around longer than Christa but with this baby in the way I think they'll need to keep Christa around to take care of it since her whole purpose in this short itme she has been in this season is "baby". They'll want to make Kenny come off even more of an asshole than before but ultimately sacrifice himself for the remainder of his family Clem , Christa and the baby. Something Kenny couldn't do for Katjaa and Duck. I think it would be a perfect full circle send off for him.

  • Don't wanna interrupt ya lovestorys here but.. Kenny died with Ben. No way he survived that zombies.

    • I mean I don't mind if Kenny dies or not. It was a decent end for him but this "I thought you were dead" person IS Kenny. Guarantee it they said they were going to explore Kenny's fate Telltale confirmed that.......sooooooo not sure how they are going to do it a state away LOL. If they do it right this season with the theory i'm thinking of that will happen it will be a perfect end for him.

      • If they revive Kenny, they could even magically raise Lee too. Both would make absolutely no sense.

        • No because Lee was shot in the face/bitten. Kenny was chased off screen by a load of walkers. Also as badass as Kenny might be, I expect to hear some death screams if he's dying. One does not simply toughen out getting their guts ripped out.

  • theres a file that says



  • rebecca is an ass hole whats her fucking problem

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