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Are there similar games to play?

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What other games are similar to play while we wait for TWAU ep. 2 to come out?

  • Well, there's The Walking Dead and other Telltale games, of course, if you just like the interactive story style.

    Maybe L.A. Noire if you like the overall Noire vibe.

    Or you could dig into the Fables comics while you wait. :)

  • The closest examples I can think of are Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, neither of which I'd especially recommend - Heavy Rain takes FOREVER to get going and Beyond is just generally not very good - but for gameplay similar to TWAU, there's really not a whole lot else...

  • Wolf amoung us EP 1


    Lol joking...nothing is really like TWAU (story wise) but voilets idea on reading the comics is best ,it doesn't spoil anything because the game is separate from the comics I recommend buying the deluxe editions =3


    Sorry I forgot to add's not at all the same

    But some times it's nice to mix things up

  • Heavy Rain and Beyond two souls are games similar to decision making game but different story both world class but Last Of Us best more shooter gameplay but still world class story

  • If you want a game with interactive storyline, dark setting with some elements of mystery and supernatural you might want to check out Vampire Bloodline Masquerade, its seriously underrated, it has some technical flaws but the intruguing story, nice rpg elements and humor more than cover for it. If you want a point and click game with very deep characters then probably there are no other games like that.

  • Well, there's The Walking Dead and Sam & Max I suppose.

    In terms of things with a similar vibe, then try L.A. Noire.

    Similar gameplay.... Fahrenheit, Heavy Rain, or Beyond: Two Souls. Fahrenheit is good, but insane in terms of story, I don't know too much about Heavy Rain, and Beyond: Two Souls is pretty okay.

    As for just generally great stories, I don't know. The top three I can think of is Bastion, The Last of Us, and Bioshock.

    Oh! Also Hotline Miami. Kind of a similar feel, an excellent narrative, totally different playstyle, but that's okay. The one thing is that it is possibly the most violent game ever created, so if you decided to play it... Don't say I didn't warn you.

    Everything in bold is the stuff that I'd recommend the most.

  • Games like TWD, TWAU, Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls have gameplay which is mostly making choices and having quick time events. Most people classify this into a type of genre called adventure games, however the more traditional adventure games such as Telltales earlier games (e.g. Sam & Max, Tales of Monkey Island) do not have QTE. In these games you still get dialogue choices too but these games are more linear and also contain more puzzles. By puzzles I am referring to using items in your environment to do a particular task, for instance in TWD how you use the spark plug to break the car window. If you want a more detail description of what adventure games are than what I provided:

    So if you are okay with traditional adventure game recommendations, here is a list of some of the highest rated. This list also contains some of the recommendations some people mentioned above plus other recommendations. It also contains reviews for the game.

  • Fahrenheit, Beyond Two Souls, Heavy Rain...can't remember anymore...

  • For good adventure games I'd recommend (in no particular order):

    1. The Sherlock Holmes series by Frogwares especially SH vs. Jack the Ripper, Awakened, Nemesis, and Testament of SH.
    2. The Nancy Drew series
    3. Syberia
    4. Broken Sword series
    5. The Last Express
    6. Indigo Prophecy
    7. Still Life
    8. Beneath a Steel Sky
    9. Machinarium
    10. Heavy Rain
    11. L.A. Noir
    12. Stacking
    13. Sanitarium
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