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My Season 2 Theories/Predictions

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Pretty long so grab a chair and some popcorn.

First of all as some of you may know this theory already some may not. I believe that Rebecca's baby could very well belong to Kenny. It is obvious that whoever this "I thought you were dead" person is in Carver's group or IS Carver (less likely). This person is of a different race due to Rebecca being afraid it may not be Alvin's. We know that way back in the summer at comic con there was a promo picture of Clem sitting in the rain with a "child" it is not said if it was a baby/infant or young child. Although there could be a slight time skip near the end of the season or after credits although doubtful it is possible. What i'm getting at is that scene might hold SOME kind of importance. We know Christa right? She was going to have a baby and the first conversation in this season was baby names. Soon after we see Christa without her lover and her baby. They discuss Wellington a place up north (Tavia's group was also up north). These scenes between Clem and Christa ARE NOT meaningless they serve a purpose and I believe people wrote Christa off too soon although I believe this is what Telltale wanted. If we don't get confirmation she is dead by the time the cabin group leaves in episode 2 expect her back at some point.

Alright sorry for going a little off the Rebecca subject this will all come full circle don't worry. Anyways back to the cabin group. I believe that if you went with Nick something will happen to him like he will vanish for awhile himself and Clem will head back to the cabin without him? Not sure here. If you go with Pete he will either survive and die of blood loss soon after his "surgery" or he will make it to the mountains with the cabin group and die shortly after. At this point however I believe Nick will already be gone. He knew who Carver was and possibly the location of their group so I believe even if hes not around for long he'll come back later. The group will make it to the mountains and that is where Clem will run into Kenny although more hardened , distant and cold. Things won't go as planned who knows how big this group might be? I believe our little cabin group may be in some seriously trouble quickly but Kenny will be of no help to prevent anything. Their main focus might be Rebecca. Her and Clem will likely be locked up in some cell (as evident in episode 3 slide). The first two I see dieing are either Carlos or Alvin or both yeah. If Rebecca's baby belongs to someone in Carver's group Kenny or not Alvin is going to have a big target painted on his head for sure.

Carlos I can see dieing early too Sarah will have to deal with his death and learn how to take care of herself this group might even try to rape Sarah depending on what kind of people they are. Obviously they are going to want the men dead. Anyways back to Sarah depending on what events happens to her I believe she could either go crazy or begin to realize just how bad things are and with Clem's aid she might learn to take care of herself. I'm kind of partial to Sarah I believe she might last until Episode 4 if not until the end of the game. Clem will do or say something that snaps Kenny out of whatever demons within him he was dealing with and he along with Luke or nick will try to help save the girls. Rebecca will most likely face the fate that a character form the walking dead tv show faced and Kenny will likely sacrifice himself to save his possible child and Clem. Or to save his possible child , Clem and Christa depending on when she pops back up.

Christa will likely stick around as the caretaker for the baby her whole purpose this short time she was in the season was "baby". If this is the case and she does take care of the baby and or if it's Kenny's child or both. That will give this baby great importance to not only those characters but our main girl Clem. Kenny knew both Clem and Christa before his untimely "death" in Season 1 and if this is his child he will sacrifice himself to save the remainder of his "family" something he couldn't do for Katjaa and Duck. If this baby plot didn't exist. I do think Kenny would have a better chance of lasting till the end instead of Christa. Anyways during this "escape" I think Luke and or Nick will live for awhile and if Nick doesn't I see him dieing somewhere in episode 4 or so with this "war" that they seem to be setting up in that slide of "Amid the Ruins".

Speaking of that......400 Days characters.....right. The ones who stuck at that camp will likely join the cabin group on the way to the mountains or soon after. None of them will die in onslaught with the Carver group or at least not this time at least. We may see them as early as episode 2 but not sure. They will join the cabin group and eventually meet up with Tavia's community. So whoever went or stayed behind their roles might flip flop for only about an episode i'm guessing not too long. I can't really say what will happen after this my ideas are kind of getting fuzzy. Sarah will likely be one of the last cabin survivors. She might befriend Becca at the community they sneak out and Becca might get bit forcing Sarah to deal with it might be interesting. I think Nick will likely die here in episode 4 if he doesn't prior to that. I think Shel , Becca , Russell , Nick and Wyatt are toast this episode honestly. Them and whoever is left over/joins from the Carver group. I see Eddie outliving Wyatt he might make it to episode 5 but will likely die early on. With everyone from the cabin group putting Sarah in like a bubble wouldn't it be funny if she was the only one who lived? Heh Luke, I think he will be the Episode 5's "Kenny" and he will die near the end.
I'm not exactly sure how these final two episodes will play out but I think Episode 5 might end on an even bigger cliffhanger than Season 1 and I believe there will be more survivors this time around. Maybe not as depressing but very bitter sweet. The remaining survivors are together but possibly surrounded.....out of options in that city with no way out no going back. I believe the end game characters who survive will likely be. Clem , Christa , baby "Omid" , Bonnie , Vince and Sarah.

I apologize this was so long and it may not make much sense but I've been having these thoughts on this season for awhile now. and just wanted to put these out there. Thanks for reading lol.


  • Why would the baby be Kenny's?

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    Because this baby seems to hold some importance to the story correct? That possible picture shown at comic con and Christa's longing for a family of her own. It seems this whole plotline is getting a little too heavy for the baby to be just......some random guy's baby right? I mean nobody at this point in time care's for Rebecca and that goes for Clem too she doesn't seem to care for Rebecca that much that baby has to be something important. I just feel this might bring the Kenny story to a full end.

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    Why would the baby be Kenny's?

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    Interesting story. What I really liked in your story is that it has that epic vibe since you mention ''conflict'', ''two groups''. It seems ep. 4 and ep. 5 will get some nice fights between some people, combine it with the walkers.. EPIC.

    ''The storm is coming''
    ''The winter is coming'',
    ''The war is coming''

    Because this baby seems to hold some importance to the story correct? That possible picture shown at comic con and Christa's longing

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    Yeah I think it really fits with the timeline too. It's been over 2 years the people who are still around are so use to the walkers now they are just part of the scenery at this point. The real problem is with conflict between established groups. The Telltale series is catching up to the comics timeline pretty quickly and they are at war right now too in the current arc of the comics. I think it really makes a lot of sense and it seems like the episode 4 slide is Clem putting on war paint.

    Interesting story. What I really liked in your story is that it has that epic vibe since you mention ''conflict'', ''two groups''. I

  • I think kenny is going to survive this whole season and make it to season 3

    Because this baby seems to hold some importance to the story correct? That possible picture shown at comic con and Christa's longing

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