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A different thought. What if it isn't Kenny OR Lilly?! Episode 2 anyone?

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What if it's Andy St. John?! We all concluded that he died but we never saw it?! What if that is the case?! For one, one the first episode of the second season during the previous, she asked if the "bad people are dead". Remember that guys. Is it possible they put that slide in for that reason?

  • What about those who killed him then? I'm sorry dude but honestly, it would be a huge letdown and just plain sloppy writing if it was Andy

  • I hope you don't mind me asking, but who may I may encounter if I hypothetically killed Andy St. John?

  • How about the people that shot him in the head?

  • You DO have the option to kill kill him, on screen, unlike lilly and kenny

  • Well I decided to look at the video of his death. But I wonder if he could have survived that. Probably didn't but it's an interesting thought.

  • I'm also slightly tipsy so........don't judge me. It's one of those Keanu Reeves moments.

  • Ive come to terms that I can't argue against Kenny and persuade people to agree with me. However, I have no clue where these ideas come from of people like the St Johns brothers... I can guarantee 110% it is not any one of the St. Johns brothers. They are both minor characters in the grand scheme of things. And they both could have died meaning telltale is not going to bring one back depending on if you killed them or not.

  • Well, I have a save where I blew Andy's brains out all over the front yard of the farmhouse.

    Something tells me that he didn't survive that. Call it a hunch?

  • Well seeing as you have the option to kill Andy I don't think He'll be back but I agree that MAYBE it isn't Kenny or Lilly because those two are the obvious choices and Telltale likes to play around with people's emotions lol but you never know and that's what's good about it because it keeps you guessing.

  • As much as i hate to say it, it actually makes sense. It would explain why she sounded frightened when she said
    "I thought you were dead..."
    Why would she be afraid of Lilly or Kenny? now remember this is with the assumption that clem has the same kind of reaction from the preview. Assuming she does, it allmost makes sense.

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