400 Days Characters?

You know, I happened to notice that choices from 400 days are supposed to carry on into season two. So could this possibly mean you could have the people who chose to go to the camp as returning characters and being able to interact with them?(There may have already been about threads this, but I made it anyways)

This is just a theory, in case you were wondering.


  • Yh probably .but We are outside Georgia,We r in North Carolina ,I don't think we will meet them .But When Tavia mentioned a Community up north and when Christa mentioned Wellington up north we might see the character .but what if only Bonnie left or all of them left .Either way we saw Roman dead we might see someone else dead or not.

  • They'll probably be cameos like Roman and not interactable characters.

  • I've said all along, I'm pretty sure the playable characters from 400 days will make an appearance/be part of the group during season 2 and the one's that went to camp are more likely to be alive than any that stayed behind (although that could be a red herring). Just a case of who and when? It looks likely we may see Vince and Eddie from the episode 4 slide so hopefully we'll at least come across them. The other NPCs we may see as cameo's but there's only really Nate, Eddie and Roman who don't die at all in 400 days (and we know what happened to Roman... Steph, Leland and Justin can be alive but can also be dead and Danny seems to die either way so I doubt telltale will include them unless it's a Roman and Carly type Cameo..)

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    I think the choices we made in 400 Days will have a small effect on the characters themselves (maybe Wyatt will say something slightly different at some point if he stayed in the car) but I don't think whether or not they went with Tavia will make a huge difference to the story, we'll probably see them all again in a few episodes.

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    Yes, but I think they will have all different roles and aren't part of the group, just cameos.
    But I think that maybe Vince will have a bigger part in season 2, or Shel with Becca, because Clem and Becca seem to be nearly the same age, so Clementine could have a friend her age.

  • I really don't think they'd get along very well.

  • No, not really :D
    But it would be cool if Vince played a bigger role, or Wyatt.
    I liked them most.
    I really HATED the Bonnie level though.

  • I played 400 days. I wasn't that impressed by it.

    It was almost like it was the "leftovers" from the game that were not used in the main storyline. Kind of like outtakes from a record album that the artist releases as a separate album. Some songs are ok, but the whole album overall is mediocre.

  • probably find there camp running from another camp, i wanna see Russell and Nate tho

  • Eddie for sure will make a significant part. I don't know about the others, tho...

  • I just don't like how short it was, and it hadn't really much story and didn't really carry on the main story of the dlc. I know first appereance of Shels Group (chronological) but still.
    Yes, I know Vince and Wyatt's story have even less story, but I liked them better.

  • Well Eddie MIGHT, no direct confirmation though....

  • I think that the people who stay in the camp will appear in a group that are the bandits and works for Carver and will fight against Tavia group.

  • Russel was good, too. Nate was awesome.

  • I think whether or not we will encounter some people will depend on whether they went with Tavia or not.

  • It's silly to compare it to S1. It was advertised as a collection of short stories and it does what it was advertised to

  • Do you think it will be a part of the main story?

  • I'm unsure, I mean we just met seven new characters in the cabin so I'm wondering what'll happen when the 400 Days group shows up :o That'd be too many characters to keep around without killing any ;/ Unless they're only in the background or Clem meets them once. Hopefully we learn more about them

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