Who was your favorite character in season 1?

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My favorite was Kenny.
He was a decent guy, and a fighter.
And especially liked his no quit attitude.
No matter how bad things got, you could tell that giving up was not in him.
He could give Mohammed Ali a run for his money!
Not in a brawl of course, but definitely in spirit.

I do have to admit, I also liked Chuck as well.
Even though Kenny could be a badass in certain respects, Chuck was definitely not afraid to stand up to him.
Even though Chuck was I'm going to guess to be around 15 years Kenny's senior if not more, and therefore probably no match for Kenny in a brawl, Chuck's character possessed manly courage.

I think it's a shame the writers saw fit for him to last for only one episode.
It would have been interesting to see how his character reacted to the events that went down toward the end of the game.


  • Clementine.

  • A tie between Lee, Kenny, Omid, and Clemmy.

  • Larry, he's the dude i loved to hate! That guy sure had some charm coming out of his ass...

  • Tough question. I would have to say Clementine, but I also like Kenny.

  • Clem by far.
    If that is too obvious, then Doug.
    After that Omid.
    If you cannot tell, I like helpful characters that I both pity and also feel happy with.

  • Lee and Clementine but I guess thats pretty obvious, also really liked Carley, Chuck, Molly, Omid.

  • Absolutely clementine she was the reason that made the game THE BEST

  • Clementine was my favourite since day met her my mission through whole game was protection and teach her good morals even affecting my decision making and talking to Clem through all horror and violence was just ray of light in bleak world and see her developement made me feel proud but obvious choice apart from her

    Kenny without him be huge gap in the game great presence who always kept things moving able to make tough decisions and always honest willing to die for people he loved a hero

  • Doug was so awkward that you had to like him.

  • 1 Lee, Clementine
    2 Kenny
    3 Carley
    4 Molly
    5 Omid

  • Larry!!! Then Ben. Probably not the most liked characters, but hey!

  • Aside from Lee and Clem, I'd say Kenny.

  • Lee and Clem

    1. Clementine!
    2. Omid
    3. Carley
  • I like most of them really, Lee and Clem are givens and then I guess Lilly, then everyone else.

    The only ones I dont really like are Mark and Chuck because theyre written in and killed off so quickly

  • Doug. The guy felt the most relatable, and when he was depressed in episode 3, I just wanted to comfort the guy. Looking back on it, even though I don't think that this is what made her a bad person, I shouldn't have let Lilly in after she killed him :*(

  • I'd say that it's a tie between Maybelle and Save-Lots Bandit 1.

  • Apart from Clem and Lee I'd say Christa.

    1. Lee and Clem - Great building relationship throughout the game, likeable characters.
    2. Kenny - As the OP said, not a quitter, does what needs to be done, likeable character for me.
    3. Omid - Brought humour to the game even in the darkest of situations, still gutted that he died in S2 Ep 1.
    1. LEE o/
    2. Clem
    3. Christa
    4. Kenny
    5. Chuck
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