She is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo annoying!!!!


  • She is the Larry of S2, in which she was designed for nobody to like her. Something else is going on with her though, I'm pretty sure.

  • Except Larry knew your secret. But this time Clem knows hers. I wouldn't mind pulling a Lilly move and tell Alvin about her secret later, unless Telltale gives me enough reason to like her..

  • She's just going through a mess of hormones, but i'm pretty sure she's not soft otherwise...

  • I don't think she's soft either, but she couldn't have always been this bitchy. (Plus Ep3 looks like were going to have to deal with her one way or another)

  • Dayum. Another Larry situation? What do you think?

  • Well it could be a Lori Grimes (TV Series) situation. My opinion though, its a stillbirth. Just a theory.

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    What if you had to either choose Alvin (trying to save Rebecca) or Luke (wants to behead her with his machete)?

    Whoever you choose your relationship with them would strengthen while the other person would be destroyed (like Kenny in episode 2)

  • I actually never hated Larry, Yes he was a dick but he had a reason to act that way. He knew Lee was a killer.

    But after they know she is not bitten I fail to see a reason for Rebecca to act that way

  • I guess what people would chose depends on whether she was still pregnant or not and whether she was bitten.

  • Fuck Luke then. Rebecca is a living person, man. Just saying...

  • Just because Clem isn't bitten doesn't mean she couldn't be a threat to her, more so if you blackmail her about the baby.

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    I'll make it a little more justified for Luke. What if after Rebecca gave birth to her baby but she goes into shock and they can't stop the bleeding. Luke wants to put her out of her suffering and protect Clementine just in case Rebecca dies and comes back while Alvin wants to save her (because that's his wife). Also they're in a jail cell with no medical help only Clementine, Luke, Alvin, the baby, and Rebecca. Who would you choose?

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    I would save Rebecca without hesitation. Luke has done nothing but treat Clem horribly. At least Rebecca was the only member of the group that was decent to Clem.

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    Doesn't seem like Clem would have a voice in this sort of thing, her being a new member of the group and 11 years old and all.

  • Two Words Pregnant and Hormones

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    Yeah, while I can't say I'm too big on Rebecca at this point (real tough of her trying to intimidate a wounded 11-year-old...), I'm going to try and give her the benefit of the doubt, and say we'll probably see more depth to her as things go on. I liked Larry's character by the end of episode 2, so who knows?

  • The difference between her and Larry is that he had charm coming out his asshole. Rebecca doesn't.

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    Well, it'll be in episode 3. Who knows how long Clementine will have stayed with them by then? Plus, it's very apparent to all of them that Clementine is very mature.. Also, a situation like that would make anyone the swing vote.

    Although i'm guessing in that case, Luke kills Rebecca if Clem doesn't make an option, and Alvin and Luke would have a gladiatorial fight to the death. One of will have to die, because that's the adversity of life...

  • Prego hormones.

  • Ah, that's your answer to everything.

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    We all have many reasons for hating rebecca(like me) but we should know that in the later episode we will most probobly kill Rebecca!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(and im waiting for it)

  • She is bitchy but not annoying at least not to me as a player, Duck was annoying at times, she is actually great because you can blackmail her and piss her off, which is awesome, maybe my favorite part of ep1.

  • She is Larry nr 2

  • i would like to kill her.

  • This reminds of Larry back in S1. I'm pretty sure people were raging and wanted him dead in the forums back then as well, look how that turned out. But i'm serious more or less, Rebecca will do something by the end that will gain some players sympathy, that's for certain.

    Still, Kenny should have his salt lick ready just in case....

  • ... I'd never realized it was like a flipped version of Larry and Lee. Now I feel horrible for being mean to her.

  • Yeah he knew Lee was a killer, but that didn't stop Lee from saving his life and making the majority of the decisions (and hunts, both literal and scavenger) to keep the entire group alive, AND Larry was calling for the lot of you to be thrown out, something he knows is essentially a death sentence, from the get-go. Larry was a dick, through and through.

  • you are what you eat

  • Hormones...Coupled with an extremely stressful situation...

    Anyway, I don't blame her. I'm willing to give her a chance. I do think she'll warm up to Clem at least by the time episode 3 is happening, if you haven't let first impressions get the best of you and weren't mean to her about her baby.

  • I'm still on the mindset that she was raped by Carver. And between having emotional distress and worrying if the baby isn't actually his, she grows paranoid about Carver, and that is why she doesn't trust Clem (she thinks he sent her). Though I don't think the rest of the group knows, and she puts on a tough persona to hide her true emotions as to not worry the rest of the group (we see her real self when she thinks she is alone in the bathroom).

  • I bet she has a lot on her mind lately...and the hormones...bringing a baby in a world like this... jk she's a bitch :|

  • Don't feel guilty. It was Rebecca who opened hostilities, Clem just had a rather excellent way of fighting back.

  • Larry was much better...

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