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Deleted comments - the site has been messing around lately

posted by TheMissus on - last edited - Viewed by 1.7K users

People have been wondering about this. Some comments are just missing on several threads. I wonder if this is just temporary or permanent. It is very disconcerting as some of us work on a common fanfic or have serious discussions.

Statement by moderator @Darth_Marsden regarding this issue:

At the moment the web team haven't gotten back to us regarding this, but we'll be pushing for information about it ASAP.
The fact that several posts in the thread discussing posts going missing have themselves gone missing is absolutely insane. We'll definitely be chasing this. HARD.

And @Chris_Madisun

Anyway, this confirms that the random post deleting is NOT confined to posts made by mods - it happens to everyone. As such, I (or rather, Darth Marsden) would like to re-emphasize that for the time being, PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO INDIVIDUAL POSTS.
Use the 'Add Comment' button at the bottom of the page to ensure your post is not accidentally eaten by the site.
Apologies for the problems - we're still trying to chase up the web team to get an answer to why this is happening and how long it will take to fix. We won't stop until we get it sorted though, so please bear with us.

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