What if clementine dies?

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Most of us cried in the episode five and get worried that what is going to happen to clem at least clem got the lee to protect her in the season one and she was happy with lee and that was the reason that we did not get worry about her in every end of episodes in season one.frankly when I finished the episode one in season two I worried that what might happen to her and we saw that telltale is capable of doing everything to her(clem get bitten by a dog)
But now in season two episode one she has got no one to protect her I mean hey no matter how tough she is.she is still a child(luke try to protect her but not like lee)
I mean according to the picture of episode 4 she might get in a bad shape and according to the picture of episode 5 she might be dead(i don't say that the skeleton is clem)
What do you think that telltale might do to clem in the end to make the end of the game fantastic?
I guess it must be the death of clem what else they can do?build another season???
If she dies it would be hard to accept it.



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    If Clem dies, then the series is essentially over, because practically no-one will want to continue playing it.

    Telltale aren't THAT stupid (I hope).

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    If killed Clem feel go to far the ending was bad enough but that happened would hated the game as know want shock factor instead of quality story telling and with Clem still alive finish the game with hope and mystery factor about what happens to clem gets your mind racing when game finished also spent the game protecting Clem and teaching her morals if she died all hard work was for nothing and whole game was failure to me as Clem living was mission completed to me and made the game a classic in my eye for redemption, sacrifice and small wins.

  • Alright, I know the overall theme of the Walking Dead Universe is, well, people dying. However, when it comes to the series and the Zombie Apocalypse in general, there needs to be some people surviving. Rick Grimes is a perfect example; the effect he gives the audience is just from everything that guy has had to live through.

    With Lee we had to see everything he was willing to do to protect Clemintine, and in his instance he became a tragic character the more we find out about him and what happens to him later on in Season 1.

    Now that Clemintine is the protagonist, I can't help but be nervous. I personally think they exhausted their dying protagonist from 1. Personally I think there is something else to be done with Clemintine: Telltale will break her soul and anything remaining of the innocence we tried to protect in season 1. The Clem we knew in season 1 will disappear, I think.

    Tough choices are ahead, but I hope Telltale sees they can have a greater effect (more seasons) by just keeping Clemintine alive and making her suffer. THAT is what we buy the Walking Dead for.

  • I like it female protagonist going through her journey where you protected a little girl and see her develop into saviour of human race be so proud shared that journey and made this little girl into a hero

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    The series was a waste of my time if she dies.
    Which would be all the more angering the later it happens, if so.
    Near everyone has said this.
    And I agree.
    If she dies in the middle, then everything before that was a waste of my time.
    I'm not going to care about anyone in this series the same as Clem.
    I would feel towards Telltale's Walking Dead the same stigma most players tell me they feel for Mass Effect after finishing ITS series.
    I am in no interest for spin offs by a company whom is simply incapable of a good ending.
    The series can be as depressing as they like-- I love that it is-- but the grand finale of the whole series should not be so.
    I hope Telltale also has this belief, and enough care for their fans to think so as well.
    I have explained this in my comments on my 'About Clementine...' discussion.

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    Absolutely not I didn't play the game just to see her sufer.I am more curious about what happens to her and I'm tired of being worry about her.I can't stop it and I can't stop playing it.I just want it to end but I don't know how.

  • The series ends and Telltale stops printing money and goes bankrupt

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    I want to see her grow.
    Maybe darken a little for character developement.
    But in the end, I want her health, and not to give up on life in any way.
    Not even to say that she wants to die.
    I mean that I want to see her toughen up.
    Not become without hope.
    Without hope is almost equivelent to death, if it ends up as the final tone.

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    Actually, scratch what I wrote below(Although I'm leaving it there for people to read). All I really want to say is if they do kill her off, I hope she dies achieving something and knowing it, dieing as happy as possible within the circumstances. That would be the happiest ending I could think of, as the world she lives in is awful, but if she can die knowing she achieved something I think it would be a great way to end her arc, and although the same ending as S1 I think it would still be affective as the circumstances are completely different. If they do kill her I will continue to play though, as I have no trouble with starting fresh with a completely new cast, and as long as its the same quality writing and interesting characters I will "Enjoy(Cry alot)" it :)

    MY previous post:

    What I hope is that if they do kill her off, its from something more than a random walker bite. What would be a happy ending(in my opinion at least), would be clementine doing something heroic with a bunch of other people, something that benefits a huge group of people(Maybe saving Tavias camp from a giant zombie group or something), but at the end being killed, and as she slowly dies everyone is celebrating around her out of focus in the background(Not noticing her as she blends in with the walkers). That would sort of be a happy ending, the best we could hope for in the walking dead. I don't think that would be wasting her character either, and it isn't a sad ending(ish). I hope they don't kill her, but how else could a series end. I haven't played many games but I don't believe you could have an outstanding ending without ending the characters arc, and after ending an arc of a character you either create a new one(Which is kinda hard in a zombie apocalypse), or remove them from the story.

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    I wouldn't worry. The amount of fans for Clementine is too big to do such a stunt. And Telltale, AND Melissa know this. I heard Melissa say in a interview: "I know the players love for Clementine". If they want to do this they pretty much have to end the game-series right there because no one would play the rest lol.

  • I will just have to trust Telltale to know what to do.
    I am against her death.
    But again, I have explained my opinion on this in my comments on my 'About Clementine...' discussion.

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    I want the ending tone to be, 'Never give up. There is always hope. Even in the darkest times.' Or at least something along those lines, unless they can come up with better.
    I want her to be strong and content in the end, if not happy.
    But, honestly, I want her to be happy and live on.
    I will just trust Telltale's writers to know what to do.

  • Maybe telltale kill her the way we just like it.maybe they kill her and in result we see her as a saint.they just have to find the right leverage.
    Telltale might kill her as they kill lee.in result of killing lee most of us love lee for what he did.why telltale don’t use it again?

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    We don't love Lee because he was bitten. We love Lee because of how much he cared for Clem.
    Clem has always been more important to us than Lee.
    We don't love him because he died.
    We love him, because he did all that he could to keep Clem alive.
    This is why many of us have this discomfort for Telltale.
    Unlike Lee, we don't know if we can trust them to keep her alive.
    I, like many, hated the ending of Season 1.
    It is not something to aspire to repeat.
    It is only accepted to me now, because I heard Clem was in Season 2.
    Before that, I gave up on the series.
    Sold the game, stopped coming to the forum, etc..
    Only when I heard online she was in Season 2 did I get back to it.
    I did not like Season 1s ending.
    I would not like the series if something equivelent to that was the grand finale, like I had thought it was for the longest time.

  • I mean lee died because he tried to protect clementine and what is better than to die in the way of protecting your loved ones.if lee wouldn't die we might not love him as we are now.

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    If you recall the ending.
    With the thought in mind that there wouldn't be any more Clementine.
    The grand finale Lee died for, was for Clem to be terrified and alone.
    Only because of Season 2 did Lee's death finally feel like it had some meaning.

  • For the first time in my experience with zombie entertainment, I don't wan't somebody to develop into too much of a bad-ass.

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    Consider how simple it is to come up with a death.
    Consider how difficult it is to have an ending with life.

    It is easy to kill someone.
    It is truly creative to figure out how they will live.

    I will just have to trust the writers with the finale.

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    The only reason I eventually could accept Lee's death was because Clementine was still alive. Lee and Clementine is like one character together. They both have a part of each other, and when one part died, all that remains could continue the story. Lee is our hero for keeping Clementine alive, for protecting her no matter what. Clementine is the reason why we play Season Two, and if Clementine weren't in Season Two I'm not sure if I'd have played it. The ending for Season One was perfect in my opinion to just leave as it is, or make a sequel. To be honest I think Clementine will survive more than one season.

  • I agree 'almost' entirely with you.

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    The only issue that I have with this statement is that Season 1 left the fans to WONDER if she is safe.
    Only because of Season 2, is Season 1s ending good.
    Meaning, if Season 1 were repeated as the absolute finale, I would have dropped it.
    I did, even.

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    I could accept the ending because it provided us with hope for this young girl. Season Two pretty much removed that hope. I really hope Telltale can give us another hopeful ending.

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    I feel that you and I remember different endings.
    A terrified and alone girl staring at two figures in horrer is hardly a symbol of hope to blacken to the main menu with no To Be Continued.

  • Well, I called it to be Omid and Christa, even if it wasn't confirmed. That kept the ending hopeful for me till Season Two. ^^

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    You are using hopeful in its most literal term.
    I see.
    Yes, I hoped so too.
    But, for the longest time Telltale said that there is no confirmation that the ending would be explained.
    So, there was really no hope to be had.
    As, for the longest time, that was THE end.
    Terified and Alone.
    It wasn't To Be Continued at the time.
    It was The End.
    All 'I' wanted was to SEE Clem with Omid and Christa.
    Since they didn't give that, now I have to hope they will do better with the ending this time.
    I want a depressing game, just not a depressing ending.
    Better put, I want to be crying with a smile. Grateful for the ending they gave me, after all of my worrying.

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    I don't get why people are saying that Clem is becoming bad-ass, she only pushed someone into a walker, killed some walkers and called a bitch out. Bad-ass would be if she just gets a katana and becomes a ninja like Michonne, now THAT is a Clem i would dislike.

  • Kiling Clem at the end of season 2? -> So even if they should come up with a season 3 (which I wouldn't want to see without Clem) then, I would not play it again. I think (and really hope) they won't do that and alienate the huge fanbase of Clem here.

  • If Clem died you'd still play the game, stop with these false threats because The Walking Dead is gonna be good game wheather Lee is the Main character Clem or someone who becomes it along the way.

  • It's entirely possible that Telltale will kill off the character that we play each season. I hope not. I like Clem.

    That being said, it would be cooler imho to have Clementine grow up through the game and we play as her each season. How she ends up would be determined in part by our in game decisions.

  • Clementine wear a plot shield, Ricks got a spear so thats why they can not die. AND Clementine makes $

  • That actually took quite a bit of effort to read.

  • Ah but

    Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like???

  • Playing the game without her is meaningless.she is the reason that this game is the BEST.

  • If you see the cover of the 5th episode of season 2 you can see the remains of someone. I hope too it will not be Clementine, she must survive, why TWD universe must to be too grey ?

  • Clementine must die, a child surviving in this kinda apocolypse looks quite unreal and boring to me

  • ...Why are you still here?

  • well because, even when we WERE lee, clem was are highest priority and who we really did care about..

    I don't think clem will die, I think she will live on until she's old and die from natural causes.and plus, if ttg wants to milk this series, they'd be smart enough to atleast kill her off season 3-4 if they were. But regardless, I don't think clem will die this season, or in the game over all - because if she did, how can we continue it?

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    As far as I can tell, based on all of the likes, dislikes and comments.
    Over 90% of fans need Clem to live.
    This is just the impression from this discussion.
    There is more evidence every where else as well to concur.
    I am sure that the writers can see this.
    They used to comment on some of my miscelaneous comments.
    I doubt they would pass this discussion.
    Trust in the writers.

  • Thats like saying TWD TV show is meaningless because it doesn't have clem or The last of us game is meaningless because it doesn't have clem but instead Ellie. These Apocalypse Scenarios are about telling a story from the billions of good zombie movies like Night of the living dead or Shaun of the dead. World War Z another good movie is just about telling a story. Games like The Last of Us and Dead Rising to Resident Evil are all based on a story the developers are trying to tell. These are successful even though they don't have Clem she isn't the end all be all in TWD.

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