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400 Days from Amazon, Can't Activate

posted by Sabbatai on - Viewed by 667 users

Hi! I am a pretty big Tell Tale fan and own the entire Monkey Island series as well as the complete Walking Dead season 1. I am about to buy season 2 but wanted to play 400 days first.

So.. I bought 400 days from Amazon. Whether my issue here can be sorted out or not is not as important to me as making sure that the Amazon page is updated to inform people that this is a Steam code and requires that you have the original game installed through Steam to activate.

However, that is my problem. I bought season 1 retail. I have a physical disc. No where on the Amazon sale page does it indicate Steam is required or that you need to have Season 1 installed THROUGH STEAM to activate it.

I have no issues with the idea of using Steam as I have over 130 games on the platform. I just wish I'd been told that 400 days was considered DLC or that I'd be required to have the game installed on Steam.

I am fairly certain I tried to activate the retail key for Season 1 on Steam and found that I had to install it outside of Steam after the code failed to validate on Steam. I'd actually have rather had it installed through Steam.

Anyway.. that is my issue at the moment but again I think it is more important to make sure that the Amazon page selling 400 Days has some notice, displayed prominently for future customers.

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    Macfly77 Moderator

    E-mail customer service at and they will help you.

    As for Amazon, the product page clearly says "Steam account required for game activation and installation", but indeed does not appear to mention that (to quote you) "you need to have Season 1 installed THROUGH STEAM to activate it" (it only says "Requires the base game The Walking Dead to activate", though of course the version of season one sold on Amazon has the same "Steam needed" disclaimer as 400 Days), so be sure to mention that in your e-mail to customer service.

  • Edit: Just received a reply.

    Took a while but such is life.

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