Will they start making this game before TWD and TWAU are complete?

Will they start making tales from the borderlands and game of thrones before TWD and TWAU are complete? I hope not because it would delay TWD2 and TWAU a lot.


  • Telltale probably have had small groups of people working on both Borderland and Game of Thrones for awhile now. I mean who would announce a game that has had no work done on it at all? But unless everyone at Telltale has lost their mind I would guess the majority of the staff is working on TWD and TWAU right now.

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    As a Telltale staff member explained around the time Jurassic Park was released, when they start new projects, they only have a small group of people working on them (working on story ideas, character designs, game play ideas, background designs, etc.). Once the other seasons are over, they pull in people from those seasons to work on the new projects.

    Since the newly announced games are just in the early stages, they aren't at full capacity yet. Since staff is pulled off of projects to work on the new projects only after the game is complete, there's no need to worry that the new games will affect the ones that are already ongoing.

  • Telltale said they would work on those titles once twau+twd are over. Which is this fall, or winter.

  • Honestly, I hope they develop a new engine first, the lag on console versions of their games needs to be fixed.

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    The most important thing is that they make it a good game.

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    Did they ever say there wouldn't be TWD Season 3? With the popularity it has, I would be surprised if they ended it at Season 2. TWAU will wrap it's story up with 5 episodes, and Borderlands definitely won't need more than 5 episodes. I also have a hard time believing I could get emotionally attached to someone in the Borderlands universe. It's more of a comedy game than anything else... not a very good genre for a interactive story game. I feel most of us just want more TWD seasons, and i'm excited for Game of Thrones too.

  • Well if there would be a season 3, it'd have to be when those two games are over. which is like.. 1 year and like 9-10 months? Or that's if, they increase their team and work on the walking dead season 3.

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