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  • Olivia looks quite a bit older than Holly to me.

    Omid's cat posted: »

    Hard to tell. I'd say Olivia looks more like Holly's sister. On the other hand, Nerissa is in the center of ep.2 screen and she'll be in ep.3 for sure - see achievement "What Big Eyes You Have".

  • Oooh very good find. Look forward to seeing these in episode 2!

  • edited January 2014

    That Tiny Tim is from the story of scrooge.AIso I noticed this after I wroted this thread, but He already appears n episode 1.

    You can see him standing next to cryer outside crane´s office.

    MrWolf posted: »

    Well telling from his name, his leg brace and his hat, i'm gonna put my money on him being Tiny Tim from the story of Scrooge, i know it seems unlikely but hey ho, we'll have to wait and see!

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