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Please finish the Bone games.

posted by Sinker182 on - last edited - Viewed by 3.5K users
You really should make the rest of the Bone games. It doesn't seem fair for you to just stop in the middle of the story. Is there any chance that, when the Bone movie is released, you will start making more Bone games? I really like the comics and I probably would have bought the games instead of Sam & Max if there were plans to finish the series.
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  • Telltale has repeatedly stated that there are currently no plans to continue making Bone games. This may change in the future, but it's not being done right now.
  • Plus, they've still got alot on their hands.

    Strong Bad, Sam and Max Season Three, Wallace and Gromit....
  • I know all that, but it doesn't stop me from asking. :D
  • I don't like it when companies start an episodic series and then cancel it after people have bought the first episodes either.. but I don't blame Telltale for this. They were a starting up company and obviously they needed to do what was the most profitable at that point. Also, the Bone series wasn't really all that good.. I think Sam & Max is a *much* better series. So as long as they don't start more episodic series and then cancel them just a few episodes in, I don't mind.. and I really doubt they'll do that.
  • Maybe they only planned on 2 games?
  • What do you think would have to happen in order for Telltale to make the rest of the Bone books into games?
  • Sinker182 wrote: »
    What do you think would have to happen in order for Telltale to make the rest of the Bone books into games?

    More sales for the first two games, I suppose?
  • I'm hoping that at some point they will return to finish the series.

    I've only played the demos of both and just as with Sam'n Max games, I will buy them when the whole series is done. :)

    Has there been done more colorized versions of the comic book albums? If so, Telltale should sell those in the webstore just like the first two albums are there.
  • They've been done up to 7 or 8. I don't see why Telltale should sell them, as they don't have games for them and they're available at Amazon or just about any book retailer. No, seriously, go to your local bookstore, they'll be with the YA/Children's books.
  • Yeah, I bought both Bone games and I love them! I'm can't wait to play the next one... It would be very very disappointing if the series would be cancelled :(
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