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Episode 5 discussion thread (possible spoilers)

posted by gupy01 BANNED on - last edited - Viewed by 634 users

I know it's early but want to discuss about the last episode of The Wolf Among Us.

This are the achievements from episode 5 (Steam):

-Beginning of the end

-This house of straw

-A silver bullet

-My last cigarette

-The north wind blows

-Happily ever after

According to the achievements i don't think we will have a happy end. What do you guys think?

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    Blind Sniper Moderator

    Although it's way early to be talking about the ending, I do recall an interesting article from Destructoid about how Telltale still had the ending of the game up in the air a few months back or so.

    Those achievement names do sound ominous though, except for "Happily Ever After." Also, did you notice that if you read the names for the Episode 4 achievements in order, they read as a story?

  • "A silver bullet" sounds like it could be extremely painful for Bigby.

  • My Last Cigarette: I think it's time to act brutal.
    The North Wind Blows: Not sure if Bigby or his father...
    This House of Straw: Probably Bigby, I mean his Wind.
    Begining of the end: We know it :D
    A Silver Bullet: Yes, it could be painful for Bigby.
    Happily Ever After: It's a Fable and we know that in Comics ends of an act always happily. But, only the end. Not other things come after that. But still not sure. We need 2 more episodes.

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