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No mouse in main menu

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I couple of weeks i bought csi 3 dimensions. I was able to play it well, but two days ago my mouse dissapeared from the screen in the main menu. Without the mouse i cannot play the game.
What can be done about it?

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  • Welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear about the problem. Silly question, but have you tried rebooting the computer?

    I'll check with our tech guys for other possible solutions. It would help if you could give us your system specs (video card, etc.)
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    i have the same problem.

    is was viewing a video that is playing if you go to a new place.
    then i got a bluescreen, but i could not read it because it was split up in pieces (like someone cut the bluescreen into small stripes and just put the first two shifted one after on, sorry did not find a better explanation :))

    after the reboot of my computer i started CSI again but the mousepointer is missing in the main menu.
    I have 2 Screens and while CSI is running i can see the mouse on the 2nd Screen (like before) but if i move it on the first screen where CSI is running it disappears.
    this problem just started with case 5 the first 4 cases are completed and there i did not have any problems.

    my system:
    Acer Extensa 3000
    1,4 Ghz Centrino
    512 MB Ram
    ATI Radeon 9700 Mobility 64 MB
    no spyware/adware/viruses

    I will now try to reinstall the game but i think its good for you to know about this (maybe) bug

    greetings from Germany
  • Here's what one of our tech guys has to say:
    Re-installing should fix the problem. To save their save games they will need to save separately any file in their game folder that has SaveGame in the title and then put it back once the game is re-installed.
    As for why it occurred in the first place, we have had this happen in the office before, but were always able to get the cursor back by loading up a saved game.
    The known way to make this happen is to begin a tool animation and then press the ESC key before the animation can finish. You will now be in the Control Panel with no visible cursor. The cursor is not visible, but can still be used. To get out of this situation you can either use the invisible cursor to return to game, load your save game or go to the main menu. Or you can press ALT F4 to shut down the game and load the last save game.
    I hope this information helps. Please let us know if you're able to get past the problem by loading a saved game or reinstalling the game (don't forget to back up your saves first -- any file with SaveGame in the name!)
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