• We are probably not going to see the farm since Bigby isn't allowed, due to too many of his "Victims" live there and would get annoyed by him being there. This was mentioned in the comics and they enforce this rule. So unless they let us take control of another fable we more then likely will not get to see it in-game.

  • I'm not sure we will see the Farm in the game. The reason why is because in the comics it says that Bigby is not allowed on the Farm. It is also not a place where they send to kill people. It is like a separate, isolated area for fables who can not afford to look human. I think in the game there is a section called book of fables or something. If you go there It will give you info and a picture about the Farm.

  • We probably won't see it no, for the reasons the other guys said.

    Colin makes it sound worse than it is. It's kind of a prison in the sense that they're not allowed to leave, but only because the fables there cannot afford the glamour to look human and so letting them leave would risk exposing their true nature to humans. It's essentially another version of Fabletown, except a lot more isolated.

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