• Erm, yeah.... A little more info would be helpful. You can start by saying where did you hear, or see that name:)

  • From the comics,one could say Vivian is Crane's "girlfriend".She's the type of diva in for Crane's high position,and he always agrees with her,thinks she's and angel,even though she's not.Vivian is somewhat beautiful,so she manipulates Crane.

  • I guess you got your answer. Phyre took the words right out of my mouth.

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    OzzyUK Moderator

    When he said massage i assumed he meant he was going to a massage parlor so she could be a prostitute at the Pudding & Pie.

  • I don't remember any character named Vivian in the comics. It's been a while since I've read some of the earlier issues, (I skimmed through several of them recently), and since I wait for the TPBs I'm only caught up through issue #129. But, no, I don't remember her. He didn't talk about her the way that someone would talk about a girlfriend. Sounded like a business transaction. I was guessing that it was like Ozzy said, maybe she's a worker at the Pudding & Pie, or maybe she's something else.

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