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When would it be acceptable to kill a pregnant woman?

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1) Always?

2) If you have a disagreement?

3) If you THINK she is conspiring against you?

4) If you KNOW she is conspiring against you?

5) If she is noisy and attracts zombies?
5b) What is she is noisy and attracts zombies while in labor?

6) If she attacks someone innocent?

7) If she attacks you?

8) Never!

At what number would you draw the line? I'm on number 5.

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    CannibalCarl BANNED

    moral view: never

    quarter-ass moral view: when she is attempting to kill you

    half-ass moral view: when she killed someone

    full-ass pragmatic view: when she is just a drain on your resources and is not willing to do "special service" for you in compensation

  • I have a feeling SOMEONE is a bit upset with Rebecca.

  • If she is going to die a horrible painful death no matter your actions before her baby is born.

  • I don't even want to think about a ten-eleven year old killing a pregnant woman...

  • @CannibalCarl

    Full-Ass Crawford View*

  • Hope we'll get the chance to stab her in the stomach

  • Vivec, I think you hate Rebecca a little too much.

  • Imagine posting this on a different forum..."When would it be acceptable to kill a pregnant woman?" haha. Anyway, I would never go as far as to kill her in any of those circumstances- I would restrain her. But considering the limits of Clem's strength it may be easier to just shoot her in the face than tie her down.

  • I really think people are jumping on the Rebecca hate train way too soon. I mean, I get it if you're a bit upset with her, but to the point of wanting to kill her and the baby?

    I'm giving her a chance regardless of her pissy mood. She IS pregnant and in a stressful situation, after all.
    I tried to be as nice as I could to her in my playthrough.

    • This brings up a point of irritation with E6.

      When Pete asks us about Rebecca yelling at us, unlike when discussing Larry with Mark, you literally cannot say anything kind.

    • No reason to kill her.

      She`s an adulterer and a witch, but she doesn't deserve to be killed...

    • Exactly.. So far she's just been a bit rude and has her own worries but done nothing yet to deserve being killed.
      Personally I would only kill anyone, male or female, pregnant or not, if they were a threat to my survival.

      In my playthrough, I didn't say anything to Rebecca about whose baby is it.. I didn't care.. Makes no difference to my Clem who just needed to sew her arm and get some food. But, the moment I feel Rebecca may try to harm Clem, then yes, whatever it takes to survive.

  • When she's trying to kill me or putting the group in danger and gagging and binding just won't do the trick.

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