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Trixie Trotter

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Trixie Trotter

Talk to Trixie.

Ask her "What's a nice..."

Ask her "Why do you..."

Ask her, "'Insurance Policy'?"

Leave the speakeasy.

Go to Emmett (in the gazebo in the courtyard).

Talk to him about all three things.

Enter the Majestic Arms Inn.

Say, "You're in the Park"

Say, "Save Einstein!"

Go to Edna.

Say, "I've got a..."

Say, ""Would-be Inventor..."

Use Arthur's pipe on Einstein.

Enter the Majestic Arms Inn.

Say, "Send Artie to..."

Go to the speakeasy.

Talk to Trixie.

Tell her, "Arthur's waiting outside!"

Go outside.

Examine the puddle of blood.

Go inside the speakeasy.

Ask Zane about the caricatures on the walls.

Use the photo of George McFly on Zane.

Use the caricature of George McFly on the empty frame on

the wall (near Officer Parker)

Tell Trixie, "Look who made..."

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