• Clem shot Lee in mine, I didn't want to make Lee suffer any more then he had too. I didn't want him to turn into a walker.

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    I had Clementine shoot Lee. That was a very tough decision for me, one side some people see it as a horrible thing telling a little girl to shoot her father figure. But I see it like this, Clementine is going to be growing up in a zombie apocalypse. In my final moments as Lee I wanted her to toughen up (and I mean that in a sincere way), things are never going to get any easier and she's going to have to grow up in a horrible, horrible world where she will lose people closest to her very frequently. While I was protective of her, I never sheltered her from the truth. Because I knew she would have to grow up eventually. And we had already lost almost our entire group throughout the 5-Episode story arc. Only thing I was worried about is that she would of blamed herself for Lee's death. I never saw it as her fault. Ever. No matter what people say.

    • Yea it wasn't her fault. She thought it was because she ran away. I was very shocked when she did. That is very true what you said and now that I understand that, if I could re choose I would have her shoot me. I really wonder how much we will be affected by our choices. Hopefully it is really impactful.

  • I wanted clem to understand that you give the people you care about mercy. Don't let them suffer if you have the ability to end it for them.

  • I had Clem shoot Lee to put him out of his misery, I didn't want him to become a mindless monster and to prepare Clementine if she would ever have to do something like that again. I let her know that it was ok to do so if the character wanted it to be that way. There is no right or wrong answer I believe everyone did what they thought would be best for her.

  • Okay I have to ask, who all cried? Because I did. Played it twice, and I still cried.

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    If you take long enough to decide for "shoot me" or "leave me" then Clem will make the decision herself based on some previous choices. In my first play i decided to shoot Lee and i got watery eyes( that's hard to do for someone who is almost a sociopath) then i replayed the same save a couple of weeks later and Clem decided to just leave him there. I think shooting Lee is more emotional than just leaving him there and seeing Clem walk away.

  • The first time I played, I had Clementine euthanize Lee.
    I had Lee do the same for Kenny regarding Duck, not only so Duck didn't turn but also to spare Kenny.
    When it came down to Lee, I reasoned that having her do it was the right thing to do, plus she was the only other person there.

    The main lessons I tried to teach were, try to help others if possible. That you shouldn't compromise your principles, even if you're in need, ( referring to looting the station wagon, which I had Lee object to).
    And that killing, even though it might be necessary, didn't make it good.

    My hats off to the writers and game designers.
    They did a god job with getting the player to think, " What is the moral thing to do, or if you have to make a difficult decision, then which is the lesser of two evils."
    And when it came to Clementine, " What are the right things to teach her orally, and what's the best example to give her visually'. What kind of legacy am I Ieaving her with?"
    Only good writing and good game designing get a person to react and think realistically in a fantasy world.

    • I Couldn't agree with you more! So much goes into a game like this and your logic is phenomenal :) I thank you. I just wish I had though of this whenever my time to choose had come.

  • It was a hard choice. In the end I had her shoot Lee. I felt it would haunt her if she didn't, knowing she left him to turn. Clementine was clearly horrified by the prospect of Lee becoming a walker. I certainly see why some left him as well though. Gah, I still teary eyed just thinking about it...

  • i had Clem shoot Lee, because i felt that after all we went though in the 5 episodes , that Lee deserved a better fate , than being a walker.

  • I had Clem leave Lee a majority of times, including the first one. I mean, the bullet and the security would be wasted. Would you, as Lee, really risk that in spite of the possible dangers Clementine would have to face?

    Also, I wanted Lee to be alive until his final breath.. until he couldn't be any longer. It's the best goodbye Clem could have gotten from Lee...

    • Same reasons for me: Bullet and safety.
      Also I don't see a lot of mercy in shooting somebody. And he wont suffer for years, it is only a matter of minutes, as they have learned.

      • Many people see becoming a walker doomed to do nothing but rot and eat as the worst fate possible. In my opinion walkers are suffering because,I like to think, that they don't want to cause the same pain and suffering that happened to them. Walkers roam and eat that's all. They have destroyed family's, and the morals that the world used to know. I don't think lee or Clem wanted to allow that to happen to lee. I don't think that lee was going anywhere and I hated to waste that bullet and endanger Clem, but you never know. What if a random survivor comes in one day and lee rips his hand off and kills someone. I couldn't let him become the very thing that destroyed the world. I don't think that Clem could live with herself knowing that lee was sitting there rotting as a monster. I also let Kenny kill duck, later he says that he will always know that he saved duck from the worst of it (becoming a walker). I wanted Clem to think that too.

        • He is cuffed and therefore tied down, so all of that does not apply.

          • Walkers cant feel anything so they could just as easy rip their hands off to get a quick bite to eat as sink their teeth into your arm as you reach for a baseball bat.

            • So many logical errors in such a short sentence. Are you a walker accidentally falling on a keyboard?

              They must feel hunger. Why else would they crave to eat? But they cannot think, so Lee neither can figure out that his hand is holding him back nor decide to rip it off.

              Further more bones are not held together by pain, muscles and tendons do that mainly. Altought walkers seem to be easier to "rip apart", they don't fall apart by moving. And wrists and arms are quite strong, remember when Lee pulled that walker outside Hershels farm? Lee pulled the arm, but the walker was torn at the belly.

              Basically Lee could only free himself if he would accidentally fall into a position where his body is aligned orthogonally to the wall with his knees pulled up and his hand in between his legs, so that he can push himself away, ripping the hand off eventually.

              But even then, nobody still surviving the zombie apocalypse should be stupid enough to reach for the baseball bat as long as Lee is still moving. Else he/she deserves to be bitten.

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