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I Think Clementine Shot Omid.....

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So when Christa is Mourning over Omid's dead body , She looks at the gun and then looks at Clementine and at first we all assumed she was blaming her but I think that look had something else to it , I think with that look Christa is letting Clem know one of them has to shoot him in the head , And Christa realizes she can't do it , which is why Clem shaked her head because she knew since she partially caused his death she would be the one to make sure he didn't come back , Another possibility would be it depends on what you did with Lee , If you shot him she would shoot Omid and if you didn't Christa shot him , Maybe this is brought up later in the game but its just a thought for the people who think Omid survived somehow

  • That is a lot coming from a few stares.

  • There are people who think Omid survived? That's ridiculous, then why did Christa leave him?

  • Are you Crazy?

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      SaltLick305 BANNED

      Crazy why because Im just exploring a possibility ? I said I THINK its just a thought , I might be crazy but at least Im not an ignorant piece of crap like you , the fact that you don't agree with something doesn't make them crazy otherwise you probably hate everybody on this forum huh ? Try growing up

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    ZammyDunks BANNED

    hey..... did you come from stupid land

  • They really need to release more episodes before people go completely insane.
    For instance, I am currently developing a formula in which: time since last episodes release directly contributes to a deterioration in quality of forum threads.

  • Sheesh, people need to read through the thread thoroughly instead of automatically assuming the poster is dumb. This is just a THOUGHT, he never said it happened (I mean, it's most likely that one of them did shoot Omid to prevent him from turning). It's just another possibility.

  • I am sorry, your theory makes no sense whatsoever. Let's look at the facts:

    • Lee claims Omid is her favorite.
    • You actually see Michelle shoot Omid.

    I may of course have misinterpreted what you meant, if you meant that Clementine was the one that made sure Omid didn't come back. Then I guess that is a possibility too.

    Wouldn't surprise me if Christa made her do it because "It's something you must learn to do, Clementine."

    • He meant she stopped him from coming back.

    • Michelle shot Omid in the GUT not the HEAD, which means if he died he would come back as a walker. The question is whether Clementine or Christa shot Omid in the head to prevent him from turning.

      Honestly I think people are just reading the subject line only, obviously we know Michelle shot Omid but the question isn't even about that!

      @Wuzhles I didn't mean to direct this comment to you as you acknowledged that perhaps you may have misinterpreted the question, but I accidentally clicked reply instead of Add comment and it won't let me delete the post.

  • Thats a valid point that the OP is making, I don't get why you guys are giving him a hard time over it.

    I don't think Clementine had to shoot him though, that look Christa gave her was more of "I blame you" because she was careless and let a stranger get to her gun.

    • I think it's the title of the thread the people are reacting too, it's pretty misleading especially when reading the OP's description. I'll admit I got confused myself, but then I read what the OP had to say, and he raises a valid point.

  • I dont think so because omid was dead

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